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Ethel Ellis painting by students in Enrichment week 2016
Ethel Ellis painting by students in Enrichment week 2016

Ellis School's desire to focus on sporting, artistic and cultural education alongside academic success, was born from the inspiration of our visionary namesake and former Headteacher, Ethel Ellis. Ethel valued individuality as, 

one of the greatest things in the world, upon which the fineness and quality of which so much depends.

Head of Ellis School  -   Miss J Meloni

Originally from West Yorkshire I moved away from home to study Physical Education and Geography at the University of Warwick. Whilst at school myself I was inspired by my PE teachers whose energy, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication were second to none. It is those qualities which I strive to achieve every day when I come to work, for every child that walks through the school gates...hoping that each day when they leave, they are more inspired and confident than when they arrived.

Deputy Head of School  -  Ms S Knights 

London born and Midlands bred, I moved from Northamptonshire to Brighton University after finishing my A levels. I have lived and worked in Sussex ever since…it’s where my heart is! After finishing my degree in History and English I spent time travelling around Europe trying to decide my future. Finally, after flirting with journalism and contemplating law, I enrolled on a PGCE course at Sussex University to train to teach history. I have never looked back.

School Leader  -  Miss C Ball 

I started working at Varndean in 1998 and worked in a number of different administration roles before starting as the Ellis School Leader in September 2012.

I am the first point of contact for students, parents and staff to come to for enquiries and concerns covering a wide range of issues including uniform, behaviour and attendance.

Student Manager  -  Ms F Hall 

I have worked at Varndean for 9 years, originally based in Student Services. My background is in pastoral and therapeutic support. My role in Ellis School base is to offer support and guidance to students experiencing psycho/social difficulties that may be affecting their learning and impacting on them achieving their full potential.

Head Student of Ellis  -  Logan Elliot 

Ever since I started at Varndean and Ellis I have always wanted to be part of the senior student team. It is a huge privilege to be given this opportunity to work closely with the Ellis team. I love everyday in school and will put all my effort into making each day a more positive experience for everyone in Ellis. As head boy of Ellis I hope the team and I can have a positive impact on Ellis students and staff by setting up more peer mentoring services and much more, which would be a great accomplishment for everyone in the team.

Head Student of Ellis  -  Sophie Archer 

Ever since I started my journey at Varndean school I have always been very passionate about helping others and putting others before me when I need to. As I got higher up the school I started to learn about the positions within Ellis school and started to get involved within clubs and help out as much as possible. My ambition, whilst being the Head Girl of Ellis, is to start of peer mentoring to help others just like I was helped by the previous senior students and my mentor which makes me just want to be the best I can; not just to make a difference in myself but to make a difference with others. I can use the skills I have learnt over the years and create the best Ellis team possible.

Assistant Head Student of Ellis  -  Jess Sanpher 

It's a privilege to be working as part of a very strong Ellis senior student team. Throughout my years at Varndean I have enjoyed looking out for my peers and being part of many extra curricular clubs, especially dance, and representing the school in a number of dance/school shows. I believe Ellis is a welcoming community to everyone and I hope to continue making a positive impact on the school and working alongside the Ellis staff to make Ellis an even stronger community. 

Assistant Head Student of Ellis - Beren Panton 

From the start of Varndean I wasn't the best behaved or the smartest student, but then I saw where I could be in the future and I was inspired by the people in the years above to be one of the Ellis senior student team. I learnt how to behave and to hit my goals and one of the most important goals is to 'help others!' That should be a goal for everyone, but it is the difference between doing and thinking about doing.

Ellis News and Events

Well done to Joaciana Ferreira who had Hot Chocolate with the Head on Friday 27th September.
Good luck to the following Ellis students who are taking part in the Sussex Cross Country Championships on Wednesday 18th January.
Eddie Harrison Year 8
Gabriel Messer Year 8 
Lundy Mackenzie Year 8
Dominic Counihan Year 10

Well done to the following five Ellis students who are in the top ten of Year 11 students with highest achievement points.

1st Logan Elliot with 139
3rd Jessie Cole with 111
4th Mickey Gonzalez with 104
7th Joaciana Ferreira with 100
8th Sophie Archer with 98

Well done to all the Ellis students who took part in the DofE weekend on 1st/2nd October.
Iyat Abdulrahman
Thamida Begum Uddin
Tom Champion
Hamish Hare
Mia Holman Harris
Nyam Jeebun
Holly Krug
Nelly Kyse
Tasneen Maryoud
Precious Tenawe
Sidney Tilyard French

Senior Student Team

We are pleased to announce the new Senior Student Team in Ellis Base. Congratulations to the following students on their dedication to the school and in the way they approached their interviews with myself and Sandra. They really did do themselves proud and were a pleasure to sit and listen to.

They have all made it through to be on the Ellis Senior Student Committee.

Head StudentsSophie Archer & Logan Elliot

Deputy Head StudentsPaddy Hall & Lola Ray

Assistant Head Students - Ella Lankstead, Ella Montgomery, Jess Sanpher, Erin Holbrook, Beren Panton & Arthur De Lotz-Thorpe.

We also have a number of other senior students whose roles are yet to be confirmed within subject areas and across the school.

We have an excellent team that are more than capable of following in the footsteps of our outstanding team this year and continuing then excellent work of Ellis Senior Students.

We look forward to an exciting year working with another excellent group.

Miss Jo Meloni - Head of School

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