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Check out the latest exciting goaty news!

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This is Alan, Turing School's very nosey and friendly goat.

Varndean's 5 pygmy goats Alan, Ethel, Maya, Bertrand and William have well and truly settled in. The goats are named after each of our four School namesakes; Maya Angelou, Bertrand Russell, Alan Turing and Ethel Ellis. The fifth goat, William, just happens to share his name with our Headteacher!

Staff and students spend time with the goats every lunchtime at Goat Club, where they can come along and meet the goats, learn how to feed and care for them and maybe even take them for walks around the school grounds. We are firm believers in the power of animal therapy in supporting students in stressful times, and the power of nurture is a proven tool in the practice of mindfulness and wellbeing. 

If any parents or friends of the school are interested in helping out in any way, with donations, advice or goat friendly stuff, please tweet us @varndeangoats or email

Parents can also donate to our Goat Fund when they log into Wisepay to pay for school dinners. To donate, just click on the goat picture, then select the amount you'd like to donate, then make a payment in the normal way.

All donations go towards paying for the food, care and medical costs for the goats. All of the goat carers' time is given completely voluntarily. The goats will also play their part in our Eco pledge by volunteering to eat any used fruit and vegetables from our school canteen.

This is Ethel, Ellis School's pampered mascot. Ethel is a quiet shy goat but with a steely determination to get to the front of the dinner queue. Ethel is the star of her own Day In The Life movie.

If you have any great ideas about how we can use the goats in our work with students, or to support learning, then we would love to hear from you and the goats would love to join in!

Here are Bertrand and Maya, the two babies, although they've been growing fast since they joined us - upwards as well as outwards! 

The Varndean Site and Network team work incredibly hard keeping the courtyard safe and clean, and are now experts in all things goaty. Risk assessments are done, we're registered with DEFRA and we are officially a registered goat-holding site!

Our dedicated support staff look after the goats in the holidays and at weekends, and even checking up on them remotely by Goatcam! We are members of the British Goat Society and the Pygmy Goat Club to keep up to date on the latest information and goaty care guidance to make sure we take the very best care of them. 

And finally, meet William, the head of the herd. named after our illustrious headteacher Mr Deighan, William rules the GoatQuad with a hoof of steel. 


Keep watching our web page and twitter accounts for more information on our 5 new friends.