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Meet our Goat Leaders


Our Goat Leaders are students who have chosen to take special care of our goats. When they arrive on their break times, they all muck in to clean, feed and cuddle all our school animals to make sure they are happy and healthy. 

As a school, we understand the importance of animal therapy. Students can use this time to feel calm, safe and even get a little rabbit hug if they're lucky!


William, Head Goat Leader

William gained the title of Head Goat Leader due to his dedication and care for our goats. He describes them as a positive influence and they give him focus, as he makes sure he is there every day to feed, brush and cuddle our goats. William described how after he had an operation, the first thing he did when he was well was come and visit his five best, furry friends! 







William, Goat Leader

Our goats are very lucky to have William. He comes to Goat Club every day and even came in during lock down to help care for them. William finds the goats calming and helps him prepare to learn with a clear mind and a positive attitude. 








Kasper, Goat Helper
Bea, Goat Helper
Kitty, Goat Helper


Kaya, Goat Helper