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Information, Advice and Guidance

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Information on the advice and guidance on offer at Varndean School. You may also wish to see our wellbeing for students, online safety and Careers and Post-16 Information pages.

Parenting During COVID-19

Top Parenting Tips During COVID-19

Parenting During COVID-19

Parenting Teens During COVID-19

Parenting Children with a Disability During COVID-19

Supporting Healthy Relationships and Managing Disagreements During COVID-19

Medical Information

Please be aware if a student is off school with sickness and diarrhoea, they may not return back to school for 48 hours, so as to prevent the infection of other students. If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact Karen Church in the medical office. 

Relationship and Sex Education

At Varndean School we recognise the challenges of growing up and making positive and healthy decisions about relationships. Working in partnership with Brighton & Hove Council and our local NHS provider, Sussex Community Trust, we provide a comprehensive Learning for Life programme in line with local directives.

As part of our Learning for Life delivery, we will be offering sessions to Year 11 students on local support services and the National Chlamydia Screening Programme in Partnership with our local NHS Provider, Sussex Community Trust. All sessions are delivered in context and explore readiness for sex, keeping safe and the fact that most young people are not having sex under the age of 16. These sessions will offer students the opportunity to partake in free and confidential Chlamydia screening through the national programme. This is provided as part of wider education supporting students to look after their health and develop positive skills and attitudes related to accessing services and routine health checks, is entirely optional and takes place outside of lesson times.

Parents and carers have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the relationship and sex education provided at school except for those parts included in the statutory Science National Curriculum. Parents and carers who wish to exercise this right should talk with the Learning for Life Co-ordinator, Tim Clarke ( The issue of withdrawal will be handled as sensitively as possible and alternative arrangements will be made for any child withdrawn from this aspect of the curriculum.

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse – Parents and Students concerned about substance abuse may wish to speak to the student’s tutor, Head of School or Safeguarding Officer in the first instance.

The local authority’s RUOK service is also available. Further information can be found on their website.

Talking to your Teens

Throughout the academic year there are a series of parent/carer workshops held in collaboration with Brighton and Hove City Council and Dorothy Stringer High School. Please find below some of the presentations from the latest event including some recommended websites and Government guidance for schools. 

Talking to your Teens wellbeing

Information for Parents

Mood Boosting Books for Children

Talking and Listening

The Changes that Every Adolescent Will Go Through

Teenage Book List

Teenager Tips

Recommended Websites

Safeguarding Guidance for Schools

Keeping Children Safe In Education

Family Learning Online Classroom  

As of May 2018, WhatsApp’s minimum age of use is 16 years old if you live in the European Union, or a country that has adopted the GDPR, as the UK has. It was previously 13 and WhatsApp has not yet said what will happen to users between 13 and 16 who already held accounts under the old terms and conditions.


Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a police and education early information sharing partnership enabling schools to offer immediate support for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. Information is shared by the police with a school's trained Key Adult (DSL) prior to the start of the next school day after officers have attended a domestic abuse incident thus enabling appropriate support to be given, dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child.

Children experiencing domestic abuse are negatively impacted by this exposure; domestic abuse has been identified as an Adverse Childhood Experience and can lead to emotional, physical and psychological harm. Operation Encompass aims to mitigate this harm by enabling immediate support, making a child's day better and giving them a better tomorrow.

Operation Encompass believes that children are victims of domestic abuse in their own right and should be acknowledged as such.

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DEAL- Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening

-DEAL Lesson 1 

- DEAL Lesson 2 

- DEAL Lesson 2 Year 10/11 

Your Daughter's Future

This is an information leaflet produced by The Government Equalities Office about women in work. Your daughter’s future.

Safeguarding Children

If you have any safeguarding concerns around a child you can contact us directly.


Sara Connolly                                                                                                                                

Designated Safeguarding Lead                                                                                                

Kerry Tester

Designated Safeguarding Lead.                                                                                                    Safeguarding Officer