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Maya Angelou painting by students in Enrichment week 2016
Maya Angelou painting by students in Enrichment week 2016


The incredible work of Maya Angelou is an inspiration and sets the tone for the ethos that we aim to instil within our students. 

We promote and celebrate growth mindset within the school and as Maya Angelou said,

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

Head of School - Ms J Marshall-Fraser

I am proud to be the Head of Angelou School and delighted to be a member of the Angelou school team. I had the privilege of joining Varndean School in September 2012 as a Religious Studies teacher, I still teach Religious Studies and Philosophy and Ethics as well as being the lead Able and Talented coordinator. 

After having two beautiful daughters, I gained my BA Hons Education at Brighton University and I also attended secondary school and college in Brighton. It brings me great joy to work in a school in our vibrant, diverse and distinctive city. As my degree suggests I am passionate about education and this passion has led me  to going back to university to do an MA in Education. I have a particular enthusiasm for ensuring that students have access to equal opportunities within the education system and my academic specialism is restorative practice. It is wonderful to see students being offered such an inclusive and positive experience at Varndean. Within my role as Head of Angelou School I am able to offer students the support and encouragement that they sometimes need.

Being named after the great Maya Angelou means our school aspires to be successful and passionate in all areas of school life, Maya Angelou is a inspirational role model for both the students and I. She was a brave, determined, creative, expressive, passionate, successful woman who  strived to make a difference to our world. These are values that we would like every Angelou student to adopt and learn from. We have high expectations of the students in Angelou school and rightly so as they are amazing individuals. I see it as my job to provide our students with a platform to be confident and happy within their learning environment so that they achieve their full potential.

School Leader, Safeguarding - Miss C Figg  

Senior Head Student - Jonah Phillips 

Jonah Phillips Senior Head Student AngelouI have found Varndean to be one of the most accepting, friendly and encouraging schools I've had the pleasure of attending. One aspect of the school which truly stood out for me was the absolute kindness from Angelou school base. I am honored to have the role of Senior Head Student of Angelou. I am keen on making Varndean a more accepting place for the younger years, from a student to student point of view. I am also motivated to inform the school on the importance of current politics, how relevant it is to us, and to remove the 'boring' and 'unimportant' stereotype. I have also made many films for the school including Sports Day, and many informative interviews for assemblies. Making films is just one of the ways I try and capture the vibrant environment of my school. 

Head Student - Suki Yang 

Suki YiRu Yang head Student Angelou SchoolEver since I started at Varndean and Angelou School I have been offered a plethora of opportunities which has made me grow and made me a leader, from the inter school competitions all the way to the many trips on enrichment week; I have gained and developed so many new skills which has allowed me to be more confident in my self and challenged me to be proud of myself. Since then I have decided to be a part of the senior student team and give back to this lovely community.

It is a great privilege to serve Angelou as Head Student of Angelou. I really love and enjoy work with a strong team such as Angelou School base where everyone is very polite and supportive. I will be using the skills I've gained over the years to help Angelou to heighten its goals and create the best Angelou team possible. I can not wait to give back to this community as its given me so much; I'm looking forward to the new and upcoming challenges I will be facing in this position.

Deputy Head Student - William Botterill 

William Botterill Head Student AngelouI often looked up to the senior students in Varndean as role models and a representation of the house and the whole school. This always inspired me to become a senior student and have the opportunity to better Angelou and Varndean. This always encouraged me to do the best I could and now I have the opportunity to give everyone a voice and I hope I can give my input and help further improve Angelou and the whole school.

Deputy Head Student - Erin Christie-Clarke 

Deputy Head Student Angelou Erin Christie-ClarkI am the Deputy Head of Angelou school, I enjoy art, media and spending time with my friends. I am absolutely ecstatic about my new role and can't wait to make Angelou the best it can be. I also hope this opportunity will gain me the skills I need for a successful career in the future.

Angelou News 

Ailsa from 10NJR was nominated for the Friday, Hot Chocolate with the Head, last week. 

We are looking forward to another great year in Angelou, working towards further successes to add to our Sports Day win last summer.

The following Angelou students completed their silver D of E award during the summer holidays, a three-day expedition, walking, camping and cooking for themselves in the New Forest: Saskia Van der Vlugt, Helen Protheroe, Olivia Hollins Molinero, Cerys O'Hara and Phoenix Lochner-Vye.

Congratulations to the following Angelou students, who successfully completed their Bronze D of E assessed expedition this weekend: Samuel Copeland, Jonah Phillips, Jason Redding. Thom de Visser, Holly Robinson, Caspar Seansena, Max Gnoyke, Louis Ashton and Gabriel Banks.

DofE Camp 2016
DofE camp

Great successes by Angelou students at the Town Sports this week. Congratulations to Darwin Boyle, 1st place, shotput; George Miller, 1st place, 200m; Sul Kamara, 2nd place, discus; Louis Hart, 2nd place, 100m; Riley Atkinson, 2nd place, discus; Grace Botterill, 3rd place, shot put.

Congratulations to Sam Hampson and Bryn Featherstone of 9EFT for succesful completion of their Bronze DofE assessed expedition at the weekend.

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