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Back to Balfour with Science

One year on...

Varndean School students have gone back to their roots (or some of them at least!), visiting and talking all things science with Balfour Primary pupils. In 2016 the Varndean students did the same, now one year on they have reprised their role as ambassadors whilst putting their latest knowledge to the test.

Balfour Primary pupils with Varndean School students

The science week visits aim to benefit children from both schools, bringing opportunities to develop confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, self management, teaching and learning and creative thinking. 

It was really fun to interact with the children and watch them create something of their own. I used leadership skills to lead the demonstration.


Science week at Balfour

I enjoyed the Balfour day because it was a good chance to solidify the curriculum in our minds. Doing the sweet dissolving was the best bit. 


Varndean students teaching science at Balfour Primary

I loved it! I liked the way I got to teach at my old school and the way I learned something from one of the kids.