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Goat Race & Bake Off for Comic Relief

Comic Relief goat race details.



Cake made for Comic Relief in 2016Varndean School is doing something unique on Red Nose Day this year. As well as a staff and student bake off, always a popular event, we are raising money for Comic Relief by holding a sponsored Goat Race on 24th March. 

Each of our 5 school pygmy goats, Alan, Ethel, William, Bertie and Maya will be teamed up with 2 student Goatherds and will have to complete an obstacle course against the clock and against each other. The fastest goat wins a trophy and the honour of being crowned SuperGoat. 

Students have to raise money to transfer into carrots & goat treats, to lure their goat around the course - it's going to take a lot of carrots to get our goats motivated!

So we're asking if our friends in the wider world might be able to support our Goat Race and Comic Relief by sponsoring the goat of their choice with whatever contribution they are able to make. You can make a donation by cheque, payable to Varndean School, or by our Red Nose Day Giving Page here:

Please make sure you mention the goat you'd like to sponsor and your name so we can thank you in our social media coverage. The event is already sparking lots of imagination and media interest - we already know that the local press and BBC South East will be on site covering the Goat Race live from the school on Red Nose Day itself, so it's going to be pretty spectacular.

Here's a run down of the goats to help you decide which one to sponsor:

William - the boss. William is the Headteacher's goat but he's not known for his compliance. Stubborn and wilful, William embodies the stubbornness of the mountain goat. He may take part, he may not. Only William will decide.


Alan - named after Alan Turing, Alan the goat is nosy, very friendly and loves human company. Alan also enjoys listening to classical music and eating apples. A very strong all-rounder.


Ethel - gentle Ethel is the dark horse (goat) in the herd. Named after our school's founder Ethel Ellis, she has hidden talents and has already taken part in a TV talent show - used to the cameras, Ethel is one to watch.


Bertie - his namesake, the great Bertrand Russell once said "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.". Bertie the goat has no fear, and very little wisdom, so he is a fast and fearless choice.


Maya - little Maya is the baby of the bunch inspired by Maya Angelou: "Love recognises no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. We think our gymnastic champion Maya do the same. 


We do hope you will be able to make a contribution to our Goat Race. Many thanks for your support.

‚ÄčThe Varndean School Student Goat Leaders