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Guys and Dolls 2017


Through drama we aim to increase students' awareness of the potential of their own bodies in terms of movement and oral expression; whilst developing students' sense of self, original thought, imagination and inventiveness.

We have two specialist drama rooms that create excellent performance spaces (Varndean Little Theatre) as well as our fully equipped main hall for larger productions and our unique amphitheatre called the Varndean Globe.

We are also part of the Year 7 Specialist Schools Curriculum, and offer a module called Prepare! Perfect! Perform! in the School of Expression. 

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.



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Drama showcase Years 7 & 8, 12th & 13th July, 7pm


Why study this subject? 

Through drama you will develop qualities of intuition, imagination, exploration, negotiation, organisation analysis and critical reflection. These skills are important in any creative career such as PR, advertising, marketing, TV, stage, journalism, teaching and the law. Colleges offer A Level and BTEC courses in Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts, and there are several types of drama-based degree courses at university. 

Topics of Study and Assignments

In Years 7 and 8 you will learn and develop drama techniques, understanding how collaboration and application of drama craft leads to successful performance. Techniques include developing voice and movement, understanding space, levels and pace and using a variety of spoken language and script. Topics include mask, waxworks, Shakespeare and advertising.

In GCSE Drama you will explore techniques and devices already met in more depth through study and interpretation of full plays and issue-based devised work. You will evaluate the success of your work in writing to accompany classroom activities. The majority of classwork will involve practical, performance-based lessons. 

The Team

Edgar Taljaard, BA Joint Honours French and Economics from the University of Reading. PGCE, Insitute of Education from the University of London. Certficate of Post Graduate studies - Drama in Education from the University of Sussex. Professional interests in live theatre and drama across the curriculum, County (Somerset) and Regional Honours at rugby.

Toby Willis, BA Hons German Studies from the University of Warwick. BEd Modern Foreign Languages at the Univeristy of Sunderland. Edexcel GCSE Drama examiner for Unit 3 and moderator for Units 1 and 2.

Events and Activities 

Theatre trips, in-school work shops by visiting practitioners, student showcase evenings, inter-school Shakespeare monologue competition. 


At least 5 productions per year whereby each year group has an opportunity to participate. They are usually co - directed by the students.

The whole school musical always involves in excess of 100 students. The opportunity to develop in the technical aspect of a production is encouraged and students often take over responsibility for lights, sound, costumes, make up and back stage.

Weekly Year 7 and Year 8 drama club where younger students prepare improvised pieces for sharing in assemblies and other school events. 

Following this evening’s outstanding performance of Little Shop of Horrors I felt I had to write in with my congratulations to all involved. I was so impressed by every aspect of the show that it would be hard to single any one individual out for particular praise - indeed it is the ensemble nature of the shows at Varndean and the clear team effort which makes them so special. Member of the public 

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