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Ethel Ellis painting by students in Enrichment week 2016
Ethel Ellis painting by students in Enrichment week 2016

Ellis School's desire to focus on sporting, artistic and cultural education alongside academic success, was born from the inspiration of our visionary namesake and former Headteacher, Ethel Ellis. Ethel valued individuality as, 

one of the greatest things in the world, upon which the fineness and quality of which so much depends.

Head of Ellis School  -   Miss J Meloni

Originally from West Yorkshire I moved away from home to study Physical Education and Geography at the University of Warwick. Whilst at school myself I was inspired by my PE teachers whose energy, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication were second to none. It is those qualities which I strive to achieve every day when I come to work, for every child that walks through the school gates...hoping that each day when they leave, they are more inspired and confident than when they arrived.

Deputy Head of School  -  Ms S Knights 

London born and Midlands bred, I moved from Northamptonshire to Brighton University after finishing my A levels. I have lived and worked in Sussex ever since…it’s where my heart is! After finishing my degree in History and English I spent time travelling around Europe trying to decide my future. Finally, after flirting with journalism and contemplating law, I enrolled on a PGCE course at Sussex University to train to teach history. I have never looked back.

School Leader  -  Miss C Ball 

I started working at Varndean in 1998 and worked in a number of different administration roles before starting as the Ellis School Leader in September 2012.

I am the first point of contact for students, parents and staff to come to for enquiries and concerns covering a wide range of issues including uniform, behaviour and attendance.

Student Manager  -  Ms F Hall 

I have worked at Varndean for 9 years, originally based in Student Services. My background is in pastoral and therapeutic support. My role in Ellis School base is to offer support and guidance to students experiencing psycho/social difficulties that may be affecting their learning and impacting on them achieving their full potential.

Head Student of Ellis  -  Hamish Hare 

Head Student of Ellis  -  Precious Tenawe 

Ellis News and Events


Hot Chocolate with the Head Nominations for March

Friday 2nd March

Students from 7SJC - Jess/Hallie & Honey

Friday 9th March

Students from 7ASH - Jess/Dylan & Esme

Friday 16th March

Oscar  (7CST)

Leoni (7ASH)

Emma (8GLM)

Friday 23rd March

Ahsan (9KCO)


Good luck to all the Ellis students who are taking part in the school production of 'My Fair Lady'

Hot Choc with the Head for the first half term

9th Feb - Cody (7SJC)

2nd Feb - Keeva (8SJA)

26th Jan - Joshua (7CST) & Charlotte (9KXC)

Friday 19th Jan - Dominic (11TES)

Friday 5th Jan - Betty (7CST)


A big well done to Betty for winning a prize outside of school  in the First National Open Art Children's  Exhibition. Betty was awarded a surprise prize of a bespoke whole class art Workshop at Chessington World of Adventure. 

Betty will also have ''Hot Choc with the Head on Friday 5th Jan'

Good Luck to the following Ellis students who are taking part in the Brighton & Hove Schools Cross Country Championships today

















We hope the following Y9 & Y10 students enjoyed the Brilliant Club launch on Tuesday 7th November

Toby Jermy 9NJW

Holly Rutter 10TCW

Camelia Passauer Saavedra 9KCO

Scarlet Treweek Ord 9NJW

Ruby Fitzpatrick 9NJW

Good luck to the following Ellis students who are taking part in a County Cup fixture in Eastbourne on Thursday 9th November.

Joel Bishop 8SJA

Evan Gourley 8SJA

Jake Krug 8SJA

Hot Chocolate with the Head

Friday 3rd November Camelia Passauer Saavedra

Friday 10th November Jamal Barrow

Good luck to Lauren Sayers 8GLM and Eadie Suffolk 8SJA who are competing in the Brighton Schools Indoor Athletics on Wednesday 8th November.

Good luck to the following Ellis students who are competing in the Brighton Schools Indoor Athletics Competition on Thursday 2nd November.

Adam Booth 7CST

Cosmo Raphael 7SJC

Nathan Dunleavey 7CST

Eden Shewell 7SJC

Jessica Bottrell 7SJC

Emily Fowler 7SJC

Hannah Newman 7SJC

Mica Ricketts 7SJC

Amira Visvalingam 7ASH

Interschool Dance Competition - Results are in!

Well done to Charlotte Fowler and Ella Stodart 9KCO for winning the competition.

A big congratulations also to Hannah Newman (7SJC) for being a joint runner up and a big shout out to all the other Ellis Students who entered the competition - Hannah Ward (7SJC), Mica Ricketts (7SJC), Amira Visvalingham (7ASH), Leila Miller Jones (7ASH) & Evie Thompson Ford (7ASH).

October 2017 

Hot Chocolate in Ellis Base - Monday 6th November

Well done to the following students who have obtained the highest achievement points. They will all have Hot Chocolate with the Ellis Base staff on Monday 6th November.

Delilah Banks 9NJW

Lundy MacKenzie 9KCO

Camelia Passauer Saavedra 9KCO

Ash Harkness 10TCW

Hallie Finn 7SJC

Alice Green 7ASH

Conor Clark 7ASH

Violet Brewerton 7SJC

The Music Department held the first Inter-school competition of the new school year and the winner came from Ellis. A big well done to Hannah Ward (7SJC).

Well done and thank you to all the excellent Ellis tour guides that have helped out at Open Evening and all the Open Mornings this term.

Senior Student Team

We are pleased to announce the new Senior Student Team in Ellis Base. Congratulations to the following students on their dedication to the school and in the way they approached their interviews with myself and Sandra. They really did do themselves proud and were a pleasure to sit and listen to.

They have all made it through to be on the Ellis Senior Student Committee.

Head Students - Hamish Hare and Precious Tenawe 

We also have a number of other senior students whose roles are yet to be confirmed within subject areas and across the school.

We have an excellent team that are more than capable of following in the footsteps of our outstanding team this year and continuing then excellent work of Ellis Senior Students.

We look forward to an exciting year working with another excellent group.

Miss Jo Meloni - Head of School

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