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Graphic Design enables students to develop products using a range of graphic and modelling materials and new technologies.

Why Study this Subject? 

Studying Graphic Design teaches you to use the specialist skills you have learnt to high standards. You will be able to analyse and appraise your own work, discuss the work of other designers and artists using subject specific vocabulary and you will be able to use diversity and variety in your thinking. A Graphic Design qualification can lead to many career paths, varying from illustration to visual merchandising to graphic design for print and web publications.

Technology makes the world a new place.

Shoshana Zuboff


Exhibitions such as the annual Artists' Open Houses in May


Topics of Study and Assignments 

In Year 7 you will get to grips with the basics of Graphic Design. You will develop your drawing skills and your understanding of graphic design principles. You will learn how to research for your project and to let that research influence your final product.

In Year 8 you will gain a greater knowledge of the role of CAD in Graphic Design. Computer based designing will create the basis for a project in which you use CAD and CAM to create and manufacture a product which meets a set brief.

If you study Graphic Design at GCSE level you will broaden your knowledge to include typography, illustration and printing processes. There is a wider use of CAD and CAM usage at GCSE. You will be given a brief and you will work to create imaginative coursework and products.