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Careers and Post-16 Information

Students and parents at a Making the Grade event featuring local colleges
Students and parents at a Making the Grade event featuring local colleges


Some of us have a very clear idea of what we'd like to do career-wise, whereas some of us find this topic much more difficult. Wherever you sit in this range, there is much guidance we can offer at Varndean School.

Where to begin? For younger students, the options for the future activities are a great place to start. As you progress through school, thoughts turn to colleges and post-16 options, and information about their open days and the courses on offer is vital to keep you up to speed. 

Careers Lead: Tim Clarke 01273 561281

Latest News 

Post-16 Open Evenings - put together by Ms Carroll, Independent Careers Advisor at Varndean School, available in school every Wednesday during term time. 

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

Our overall aim is to provide a world class careers programme which supports and encourages students to develop high aspirations, sustain employability and achieve personal and economic well-being throughout their lives. Click HERE for more details.

Options for the Future

Don't know what you want to do? Try this icould starter activity: it only takes 5 minutes and could help! This is a bit of fun, but is based on a psychometric test which matches your personality to career ideas.

DID YOU KNOW?...anyone over the age of 13 can ring or chat online with the National Careers Service - you can get free careers advice from a qualified careers adviser. On their website, you’ll find lots of useful tools: CV Builder, Skill Checker, careers information and advice, labour market information…

I have a career idea and want to know more

If you already have career ideas, you can use the National Careers Service to search for the job or, better still, use the Job Families (groups of jobs) to explore. Use of the groups allows you to discover similar or related jobs.

Tip: Make use of the links at the end of each article.

I want to generate some career ideas

Career matching quizzes.

These take a bit longer - but the quizzes make a logical match between the things that interest you/your values and potential job roles.

Fast Tomato


A full-time paid job, with training for job-related qualifications. for general information

Search by your postcode. The vacancies will reflect the employment and industries in your city - the wider the search area, the more opportunities.

College Courses

These are some, but not all, of our local colleges. Checkout the courses and entry requirements for future study…

Post-16 Open Evenings for 2019 entry - put together by Ms Carroll, Independent Careers Advisor at Varndean School, available in school every Wednesday during term time. 

Varndean Student Destinations


UCAS If you know what degree subject interests you, you can look at the entry requirements and A level subjects needed. At GCSE level, most universities will require English and Mathematics, some degree subjects will also ask for Science. They may ask for a grade profile. Always look at a few different universities - they can have different requirements.

Which? University Offers an overview of degree course content and most frequently required subjects. It also provides some useful advice for choosing GCSEs and how it relates to university.


Some careers require you to get work experience - but sometimes you can achieve this through volunteering. Find out more on the Do-it be More website.

Careers linked to my favourite subjects...

icould career videos 

Bright Knowledge

Prospects - for ideas linked to degree subjects.

Useful Websites

You can find lots of useful local and national information on BEACH.

Designed by young people for young people (including some at Varndean School), you will find lots of useful information about how to find and keep a job, but also about what kind of opportunities and employers are available to you locally. New information is being added all the time, so you’ll also find information about education and our local universities. 

Compare jobs using the Careerometer

The Careerometer tool lets you compare the average wages and working hours of up to three jobs in England. Simply type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop down list, then add your second and third choices to see the comparison.

Careermap is a comprehensive web-based source of information about a wide range of careers.

Sucess at School- A web resource that contains a wide amount of information about different careers.


How are you doing? Still thinking? Try these questions…