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Meet the Goats


Left to Right: Ethel, Bertie, Alan, Annie & Angel


Our beloved goats are cared for daily by all members of staff, but particularly by their best friend Terry Bradford, IT Systems Manager. His personal experience as a farm-owner and love of all animals has made him a hit with the goats and our go-to man when it comes to their care.



Alan is Turing base's cheeky mascot. He loves getting his own way, especially when it comes to his food, and lets everyone know with a loud bleet when he wants an extra carrot. Although he likes to act tough, Alan loves a cuddle with the students and isn't afraid to give a gentle headbutt when he wants more attention.




Don't be fooled by the name, Angel is no angel! Named for Angelou school base, Angel is the king of his castle. When we aren't doing what Angel wants, he puts us in our place with a nudge, headbutt or a loud telling off! However, he is a big softie at heart and is the first to the door when the Goat Leaders arrive, waiting not so patiently for a good head scratch.



Annie (formally known as Pavilion) is Lennox base's no.1 goat and is every bit as determined as Annie Lennox herself. All Annie needs to be happy in life is regular head scratches with a stick and a large supply of hay and carrots. Annie definitely isn't camera shy either!

Find out more about Annie's name change here.  




Bertrand Russell was fascinated with the secret to happiness, and we think Bertie has cracked it! (disclaimer: the key is lots of naps and carrots). He is our laziest furry resident and nothing phases this happy boy. Bertie is perfectly content with a lie down and pile of hay to munch on. 





Ethel loves only one thing in life - cuddles! Named after Varndean's first head teacher Ms Ethel Ellis, Ethel is a gentle soul who enjoys human company and investigating into everything we are doing. All she wants is to be pampered like the lady she is.