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Year 7 & 8 Netball Results

Solid performances all round.

On Thursday, the 7a and 8a netball teams had a home match against Blatchington Mill. The Year 7 match was neck and neck from start to finish. They gave away a lot of possession in the first quarter but raised their game from then on in. Unfortunately, with 1 minute left, the teams were drawing and unfortunately Blatchington Mill scored in the final 30 seconds of play. An unlucky end to a very close game. Player of the match was Edie Chapman for her consistently solid performance.

The Year 8 team played some of the most promising netball I have seen from them and have demonstrated considerable improvements to their game since the beginning of the season, particularly with their spatial awareness. At half time the score was pretty even but the Year 8 captain, Holly Suffolk, took a fall in the second half. Freeya Noble-Musgrave who did a fantastic job playing out of her usual position and shows great promise.
The final score was 11-5 to Blatchington Mill. Well done Year 8s, keep up this positive progress rate!
Miss Whitley