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We Have An Announcement...

The Varndean Goats are delighted to announce the trip-trap of tiny hooves. 

No, Alan isn’t expecting (the VGs have always been somewhat gender-unsure, in that no one wants to get too close to a goat’s under-carriage to check the specifics) but In a couple of weeks, these 2 beautiful babies are coming to join our herd from another herd - so more of an adoption announcement than a birth.

To mark the launch of the Pavilion and Downs Teaching School Alliance, these two boys, to be named Pavilion and Downs, are joining the crew. Unusual names, admittedly, we’re pretty sure there aren’t any other goats called Pavilion or Downs out there, but yeah, these are the puffy fluffs of cuteness that will be waiting to meet everyone at the start of term. 


They will be ready to leave their mum on the 20th August, and they will then spend a week or so being gradually introduced to their new quad mates at Mr T’s farm, which is rapidly becoming a Goat safe house, rehab centre and sanctuary, before all 7 of them come back to Varndean School just before the start of term. 

We’re off to order teeny weeny name tags and teeny weeny blankies. Oh, and a bigger shovel.