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A Student’s Perspective on the Festival of Education

Year 10 student Beth attended the recent Festival of Education and wrote the following about her experiences of the day.

Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the Festival of Education at Wellington College. The day was full of plenty of exciting and interesting opportunities such as being present during a Q&A by Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State. Nicky was asked a range of questions regarding the change in schools and GCSEs and also A Levels by primary school children and adults in the audience. It was extremely interesting to see how she presented her answers and it was a new experience for me as I have never sat through anything like that before.

I was also able to attend a talk by Jon Briggs (the voice of the original Siri) in which he was speaking about how to use your voice. He made the point that we never really think about our voices but the simplest thing such as your tone of voice has a huge effect on what you are saying. We should take note of how we sound and take into account that it can have a massive impact on the people around us.

Furthermore, I was also given the amazing opportunity to hold a python round my neck and a decent sized tarantula in my hands. This is something which I have been eager to do for a long time now but have never had the opportunity to do so. A company called Owen’s Animals were present for the entire day so I waited until there weren’t many people around so I could enjoy the experience. It was quite nerve racking but something I am definitely pleased to have done!

Lastly, I sat through a talk presented by a lady called Rachel Kelly who spoke about ‘how teenagers can stay sane in a crazy world.’ At first, she gave us an insight into her recovery from anxiety and depression and spoke through a few methods that could help prevent you from reaching that point. One thing Rachel spoke about in a fair bit of detail was mindfulness which is about staying aware of your body and your surroundings and not just getting completely caught up in the day.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would highly recommend it to anyone interested. I felt the day was educational and thought-provoking whilst also being exciting and enjoyable. It is definitely something I will consider attending again next year!