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Creative Cooks! 

Varndean students have reached the Sussex final of the Create and Cook Competition.

In the spring term Mr Desborough, Food and Catering Development, and Mr Hancock, Director of Catering, ran a Varndean competition to decide which teams would go through to represent our school in the countywide Create and Cook Competition. The entries were of an excellent standard, with students having attended several workshops, one being hosted by professional chef Andrew Mackenzie.

With a range of skills and ideas under their belts the student teams of two set out to create their own seasonal menu using as many local ingredients as possible.

Following our top three menus being submitted to the Create & Cook judges we were thrilled that Ben Spooner and Harvey Walters were selected to take part in the Sussex final on Wednesday 4th May. Min Raisman, Director of Fit2Cook Food Education and Co-founder and Organiser of the Create and Cook Competition said, 

We loved Ben and Harvey's menu and look forward to seeing them cook it in front of the judges in May.  The entries from  Brighton were very strong, as I expected, so they have done really well to be selected.

The boys are thrilled with the outcome. Ben,

When I decided to go to the Create and Cook Competition I was greeted with three fun and informative lessons on preparing food. After that we submitted our menu and finally got to cook our meal which was really fun, and it was cool that i could use the skills I had learnt for the final. 

Harvey commented,

Ben asked me if I wanted to be on his team for Create and Cook, a cooking competition, so I went with him for these cooking lessons where they taught us alot about creating menus. I did the first part of the competition and enjoyed it alot so I was very happy to hear that we got through!