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Skype Cultural Exchange with Youth in Lebanon

Varndean students have a Skype conversation with students in Lebanon.

On Friday 15th April, some of our students took part in a Skype conversation with students in Beirut, Lebanon, focusing on exchanging information on each others' cultures. This was set up by a programme called Frame by Frame, funded by the European Union. Most of the students in Beirut who took part in the exchange are refugees.

Those in Beirut introduced themselves, sometimes with the help of their teacher to interpret, then Varndean students introduced themselves. Some Varndean students speak Arabic, so were able to speak to the students in Beirut in their native language. The conversation started to flow and those in Beirut asked Varndean students about the type of music they listen to, typical English food (fish and chips!), what hobbies some of the students have and what sort of dancing is typical to see in England.

Varndean students asked them what was their traditional music, so they demonstrated it! They brought out a few instruments and started to play and sing. Varndean students also asked about their traditional dish: chicken with spices, including saffron and what books they liked to read: the history of their countries.

Varndean students were really involved with the conversation, smiling and laughing, applauding when they demonstrated their traditional music.

It came together really well, with both sets of students learning about the other's culture. When it ended, Varndean students said they really enjoyed it and wanted to know when the next Skype session would be!

It was such a nice and a fun experiment to have a live conversation with people that speak my language, they were so inspiring because even when they are going through a really tough time they were smiling and they were so kind. it was exciting to me because I got to learn more about other nationalities.

Zahra, Year 9 


I feel very grateful for the opportunity to talk to children living in entirely different circumstances to my own, and share the similarities and differences in our cultures.

Leah, Year 8


The Skype call to the students in Lebanon was a really good cultural experience and I really enjoyed learning about their traditions. Not only were we able to learn about what they enjoyed doing and ask questions about that, they were able find out more about what life in Britain is like. Overall, it was a really fun opportunity.

 Lola, Year 8


The afternoon where we spoke to the students in Lebanon was a great experience that I hope to repeat soon. The conversation was not only educational but exciting and interesting. I think we all learnt a great deal about their culture and I hope we provided the information they were interested in discovering. 

Isabel, Year 10