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Senior Students 2016-17

Applications, interviews and appointments!

We are thrilled to confirm the top five senior student places have been awarded as follows:

Student Headteacher - Nenna
Head Student - Rudaba
Head Student - Izzy
Deputy Head Student - Mabel
Deputy Head Student - Daniel

This year pleasingly saw another large volume of applications from the current Year 10s for senior student roles in Year 11. The coveted top roles have now been allocated with the process of appointing students to the posts of Head and Deputy Heads of each individual school now underway, before department roles are filled.

Feedback for all students has been impressive, with the Headteacher conducting the final interviews for the positions of Student Headteacher, Head Students and their Deputies. 

Mr Deighan was very impressed with Halima in her interview and commented particularly on her forward planning for the role in which she had gone through the School Improvement Plan and had some ideas of her own. She is looking forward to working more on this.

Tom and Helen also excelled in their interviews, have shown a fantastic commitment to Varndean School in a variety of roles throughout their time here and are looking forward to taking things forward into Year 11.

After anxiously waiting to find out the results of the Senior Student interviews it was not surprising for Russell School base staff to hear that Thomas Eames had been successful in his application for Head Student of Varndean School and Halima Begum had done amazingly well at the interview stage, and was appointed to the top role of Student Headteacher. 

This is the second year in a row that the Student Headteacher role has gone to a Russell School Student. Absolutely fantastic news, well done Tom and Halima, we are very proud!

Tom and Halima are outstanding role models and they will flourish in the roles. Their natural charisma, personality and commitment to Varndean School will ensure that they bring fresh ideas and energy to the Senior Students. 

Mr Owen, Head of Russell School 

Angelou school base are extremely proud that the wonderful Helen is the Head Student of Varndean School. The outstanding work she does in our school community and the wider city community make her a brilliant role model for the other students at Varndean. Her excellent academic achievements and conduct show that she is a committed, hard working and compassionate individual. Well done Helen you will be a fantastic ambassador for the school!

Ms Marshall-Fraser, Deputy Head of Angelou School

We will fondly remember the dedicated and hardworking Student Senior Leadership Team from this academic year, Wednesday, Maddie, Sky, Fauve and Anthony. They are an inspirational group who brought out the best in each other and their peers, and will hand over the reins to the new team later this term.