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Eco-committee visit to a smallholding in the Sussex countryside

To reward the Eco-Committee for all their hard work through the year and in securing yet another Green Flag award for Varndean School we went on a trip to our Head of IT’s smallholding. The students experienced first-hand an alternative way of living in a densely populated part of the country. They saw mixed countryside use – with a small holding hosting a range of animals within hearing of the A27 and in view of the Cuckoo cycle and pedestrian trail.

I think the trip was a very fun and exciting experience for Eco-club. We all really enjoyed grooming the horses, then catching the chickens and herding the geese. They also had huge dogs and a cute ginger cat.

Amber R

They were lucky enough to take part in animal husbandry and learnt some of the career paths available not usually mentioned in an inner city school, for example, Alpaca shearer and Farrier.

This trip was great and really fun. It was really educational and we learnt about the farm and eco living. We loved seeing the animals as well. 

 Amber D

It was a really fun experience, it was super fun! We got to groom animals with friends and chase chickens. It has made me think about different ways I could live when I’m older.


The experience was a perfect antidote to another hectic school year as the students express in their words and photos.

I though the trip was really fun, chasing and catching the chickens was problematic but exciting. 


This trip was educational and enjoyable, including learning how to groom horses, catching chickens and making friends with the animals.