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Angelou School triumphant at Sports Day.

When thinking of sports day at Varndean enthusiasm is the word that springs to mind. 

What a splendid and high spirited day with everyone's sporting prowess celebrated to the max. Well done to the PE team for bringing it together. 

Mr Deighan

Memorable moments include records broken (list coming soon), family members supporting, coloured hair (four school colours), Isaac and Jonah (student film makers - watch this space) running behind practically every race filming, Miss Meloni playing the trumpet, the tug of war (staff and students), drums, headbands and face paint galore, roaring stands cheering on their friends, chants of the school names (albeit sometimes beautifully out of sync). There was a real sense of pride in the four school teams, yet with notes of admiration for Mr Tuck's garland, Mr Taljaard's ‘Russell’ blue skirt and a general heart-warming commentary, Ms Ford gelled the whole school together.

View from the stands
Photo by Tom Eames, Year 10

We were thrilled to welcome several Year 11s who came along to help, giving up their free time to volunteer their measuring, recording, running and general cheering skills. We also enjoyed chatting with many family members who were able to come along and watch. Thank you very much!

I just want to thank each and every one of you for today. The event participats were triumphant. the spectators were really encouraging and the staff worked super hard to make sure everything ran smoothly.

What a fantastic community we have in Angelou School. I am filled with pride, I hope you are too.

Ms Marshall-Fraser, Deputy Head of Angelou School

Indeed there were so many lovely elements so what better way to say it than in the words of the students and staff.

On the start line
Photo by Tom Eames, Year 10

Mr Cocks - very pleased with Angelou's lead - unstoppable!

Joe Archer Year 11 - terrific atmosphere nice to be back supporting my school and nice to see everyone enjoying themselves

Miss Maltby - sport, participation, spirit, amazing

Miss Knights - stressed but loving Ellis participation

Auntie of a Year 10 student - such a good vibe and camaraderie, really good fun and atmosphere

Mr Howell - happy faces and fun

Mr Taljaard - really enjoying the student participation but losing my voice. Behaviour amazing and enthusiastic

Hamish Year 9 - great to see Ellis winning the relays

Fran Macauley - absolutely amazing, really good fun, loved being a track marshall and ringing a bell!

Ms Brand (event organiser) - really happy with the day the prep has paid off

Tug of War
Photo by Tom Eames, Year 10

Joni Year 8 - good organisation

Bella Year 8 - Ms James is very supportive

Aya Year 8 - supporting my friends, atmosphere is good, loads of people supporting each other

Mr Willis - what I really love is the competitors taking it seriously you can see it in their faces

Ms Elder and Mr Owen - Jude Perring, Grace in Year 7 and Precious in Year 9 all rock shot put!

Miss Goodchild - good atmosphere

Jonah Year 9, film maker - it's been very good weather, really good, really noisy Year 7s making lots of noise which is good

Ms Odey - lovely weather lovely day. Placing is stressful! Always nice to see the Year 11s helping out and coming back to see us

A full album of photos will be available in the gallery shortly.