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Enrichment 2016: Life Beyond Varndean

Enrichment Day 2!

Year 10s are currently partaking in their last enrichment week and to prepare for life after Varndean School many of them are focusing on post-16 courses over these 4 days.

Today they are learning about applying to colleges and the whole process of open days and open evenings. Even though Year 10s have their final year at Varndean School left before they head off to college, the application process starts towards the end of 2016.

Around 26 Year 10 students are in Salamanca, Spain and are really enjoying their first couple of days.

Their stay with host families is always enjoyable and they seem to be learning a lot about the culture and Salamanca itself.


The French and Geography trip on the Opal Coast is also having an amazing time. Particularly today they're visiting the snail farm-L'escargotiere du Choquel. Students visited the same farm last year and even though not all the students particularly enjoyed the snails, it was an interesting experience all around.

The other French trip has arrived at Disneyland today and look like they are having a great time!

At home, Years 7, 8 and 9 on the Science Week course are expanding their knowledge through programming Lego mindstorms and building rockets. 

Don't forget to check back for more information throughout the week. Please also see the gallery for a whole host of photos from courses at home and abroad.

Written by Trisha Mendiratta

Photography by Tom Eames and staff