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Town Sports Success

Varndean School had over 80 students involved in this years ‘Brighton, Hove and Portslade Athletics Championships’ which took place last month at Withdean sports complex.

Congratulations to all for their participation.  With over 15 schools taking part, Varndean School once again demonstrated that they can compete at the highest level.  In the Under 15 competition, our Boys and Girls teams finished in a very credible 3rd place.  The Year 7 Boys finished third overall , the Year 8 girls 5th overall and the Year 8 Boys finished  in joint second position with Brighton College beating Dorothy Stringer and Blatchington Mill among others.  Please see individual medallists below.

Town Sports Medallists Form School Event Distance / Time Position      
KAMARA Sulaiman 7CC/A Angelou Discus 19.23 2nd      
MILLER George 8JK/A Angelou 200m 24.41 1st 4x 100 relay 53.09 2nd
COOK Chloe 10BR/A Angelou shot put 8.11 3rd      
BOTTRELL Joshua 8HS/E Ellis 1500m 4.57 3rd      
ROBERTS Huw 8JW/E Ellis 4x100m 53.09 2nd      
RAY Lola 9CT/E Ellis Discus 18.43 2nd      
HIGHAM Melissa 10SA/E Ellis Javelin 17.38 3rd      
JONES Edward 7FW/R Russell 75m 9.96 1st      
JAMESON CLARK Luke 7AB/R Russell Javelin 26.9 2nd      
DICKSON Louis 8JAW/R Russell 4 x 100 m 53.09 2nd      
LLOYD Owen 8GH/R Russell 4x 100 m 53.09 2nd      
BERRY Rachel 7AB/R Russell 1000m 3.32 2nd      
SWEETMAN-LEFEVRE Arno 9MH/R Russell Hurdles 13.31 3rd Shot Put 9.06 3rd
EAMES Thomas 9TB/R Russell 1500m 4.21 1st Long Jump 4.81 3rd
BEREY Louie 9TB/R Russell 800m 2.21 3rd      
REID MARTIN Marina 10TA/R Russell Long Jump 4.98 1st 200m 26.09 1st
REID MARTIN Ayesha 10TA/R Russell Triple jump 9.13 3rd      
BEKELE Yeshe 10TA/R Russell Hurdles 14.82 2nd High Jump 1.35 3rd
HARMAN Miaya-Lyn 7LR/T Turing Hurdles 14.67 3rd      
WRIGHT Lottie 8IG/T Turing 200m 29.61 3rd      
GRAYDON Katy 8AA/T Turing Javelin 18.53 3rd 800m 2.47 1st
LAMBERT Nina 9RA/T Turing Hurdles 14.14 2nd      
TEMPLE Lucy 10AF/T Turing 100m 14.24 3rd      
WATSON Chloe 10JF/T Turing 1500m 5.22 2nd