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As You Like It – A Student’s Perspective

The first of two performances of the Years 7 & 8 Summer plays took place last night and student Lola Farnworth Mayers wrote the following about hers.

‘I really enjoyed being involved in the Year 7 Shakespeare play because it was very crazy and over the top so it was very lively and there was a lot to do. I also liked it because we all got a chance to be a character and get involved so it included everyone. The play gave people a chance to do a variety of different things like singing or playing an instrument as well as acting and it also gave people something to work on and try to improve. Also, in the play, some of it wasn’t scripted so you had a chance to give an idea of what could make the scene better when we were improvising it in the rehearsals. So I think the play was really fun to be involved with and enjoyable to do because it was a different experience.’

The next performance takes place Saturday 11th July at 3pm in the Varndean Globe. Tickets are available on the door.