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Fighting mental health stigma on World Mental Health Day 2016.

A new NHS anti-stigma campaign, in partnership with YMCA across England. 

On Friday 30th September a group of year 10 Varndean School students took part in a workshop aimed at breaking down the stigma and myths around mental health in young people.

Created in Brighton & Hove through a partnership between the local NHS, Brighton & Hove City Council and young people from the city's YMCA Right Here project.

#IAMWHOLE aims to reach out to young people on social media, as well as to parents, teachers, employers and services that provide mental health support for young people. Challenging harmful language helps people ask for support without fear of negative labels or discrimination. 
By talking about mental health issues in a positive way we can all support each other. Hip-hop star Jordan Stephens supports the NHS & YMCA by fighting mental health stigma.
The students who attended the workshop will be working with our student manager, Fiona, to run their own campaigns in school to break down the prejudice and stigma around mental health. They want our community to be aware that's is not OK to use negative language around mental health. 1 in 10 children and young people experience mental health issues in the UK, and young women are particulalry vulnerable. By recognising the whole person, their mental and physical health, we can support each other and encourage a conversation around mental health. We want young people to have the confidence to seek help and support.
Together we are whole.


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