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Black History Month: Year 8 Students Speak

Three students write about their experiences delivering an assembly.

This October, a group of Year 8 students were invited to take part in an assembly in celebration of Black History Month. They wrote and delivered their thoughts to each of the four schools in their individual assemblies, and below, Lara, Anna and Delilah share their personal experiences of delivering the assemblies.

"At the beginning of October (Black History Month) we spoke in assemblies about our inspiration, Rosa Parks. We chose her because of her bravery - she stood up to the law to prove what she believed. She was also very brave as at that time in history women were not listened to much so that was another right she wanted. Altogether a black woman standing up for her rights during the American Apartheid was a very courageous thing to do. I was very privileged to have told the whole school about who I look up to in the black community and why I look up to her." Lara Woodhouse

"At the beginning of Black History Month this year, I was chosen to talk about someone that had inspired me from the black community in assembly. It was such a fun and great experience that has really boosted my confidence. At the beginning of the week I was really nervous because I had never talked in front of so many people before. But as the week went on my confidence grew and I was able to actually make eye contact with the audience rather than staring at my sheet of paper. We chose Rosa Parks because she was such a great black female role model. What she did took a lot of courage and changed the world for the better." Anna Bill-Lopez

"When I was chosen to speak in front of the school about Black History Month I was quite excited. It was a great opportunity for me to show people that I can be confident and speak well to an audience. We had to talk about someone from the black community who we find inspiring, we decided to choose Rosa Parks. We chose her because she was a brave, courageous woman and she stood up for what she believed in. Also, we wanted to pick a female icon because around that time it was hard for women to speak up and express what they thought about society. She was an amazing person and she helped start the Civil Rights Movement. When it came to speaking, I was extremely nervous, but it gradually got better. I am very proud of myself." Delilah Banks

Year 8 students speak in Russell assemblyYear 8 students speak in Russell assembly