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Year 11 Newsletter to Parents - Newsletter 1 - November 2019

Year 11 Newsletter to Parents - Newsletter 1  - November 2019



We are excited to launch our monthly newsletter for Year 11 Parents/Carers. We hope that this newsletter can help signpost you to the many activities Year 11 are involved in and give you some advanced warning of important dates. We know that this year can often be as stressful for parents/carers but that ‘knowledge is power’ when supporting children at home so we hope this gives you some comfort that we have mapped out dates and information to be aware of. If you would like our newsletter to feature anything specific in the future, please feel free to get in touch. Shelley Baker 

Year 11 Assembly 

Our assemblies this term so far have been about preparation and follow up to PPEs. Congratulations to our Year 11 on their results so far. 

College Applications 

The deadline for applications to Varndean and BHASVIC is 6th December. MET will accept college applications after this date but we encourage you to submit this before Christmas. We are supporting students with their applications in tutor time. Other Colleges will have set their own deadlines and methods of applying. If your child is interested in an apprenticeship or would like further guidance with their application, our careers advisor Amanda Carroll runs a drop in at break and lunch time every Wednesday. Things to consider: -Don’t rush to submit your application, use LC1 data on Varndean Plus to complete your predictions, apply to a college even if you would like to do an apprenticeship as a back-up and make sure you go to open evenings and taster days.

Making the Grade

Following our busy and successful Making the Grade evening in September, we would like to remind you that all resources are on the school website.  Date for your diary - Making the Grade Year 11 - Option Subject Focused - Wednesday 22nd January 2019 6.30-8.30pm. 


We are pleased to announce that we have invested in the award winning resource, GCSE pod, to help Varndean Students with targeted revision. It is a resource providing bitesize pods, which students can access online and offline via their computer or phone. This proved immensely useful and effective to our last cohort of Year 11, where the top 30 pod users achieved well above their target grades; linking World Class teaching and learning to independent revision. If you have not heard about this resource and would like to take a look, visit

Revision Tips

Over the last 18 months, we have been showing students different approaches to revision. Lots of our students have started using ‘Cornell note-taking’ and their response shows it has transformed the way they remember information leading to an increase in confidence. If you would like to find out more about this method, visit:

Revision Timetables

Students like to create their own revision timetables using the format or method that supports them best. We believe this is absolutely fine as long as students are planning their revision. Evidence shows that lack of revision planning leads to anxiety, stress and students becoming overwhelmed. We see on a daily basis where planning revision is a supportive tool to create calmness so that realistic goals can be set. Here are a few examples of revision timetables: