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Year 11 Newsletter to Parents - Newsletter 3 - January 2020

Year 11 Newsletter to Parents - Newsletter 3  - January 2020


Happy New Year to you all! Please find below some information aimed to support you and your child as they prepare for their exams. If you would like our newsletter to feature anything specific in the future, please feel free to get in touch. Shelley Baker 

College Applications 

Some of the colleges have started their interview process. Students attending interviews will need to bring their annual school report, which can be collected from school base the day before the interview.


The timetable for PPE2 is now available on the school website (, and students can access their individual timetables via VarndeanPlus. During the two weeks of PPE2, open revision sessions will be running alongside the exams. If a student is not scheduled to be in an exam, they will be expected to attend one of the revision sessions. Room allocations will be posted in advance. These sessions will be supervised, but students should bring in their own revision materials and plan their time accordingly. The mobile phone restrictions will be lifted during revision sessions, but phones must  only be used for revision purposes. 

PPE2 will, as usual, be run under full exam conditions and it is important that students are fully aware of these. The regulations are available on the exams section of the school website ( and on the noticeboard outside the Exams Office.

Further information regarding the summer exams will be available after PPE2.

Making the Grade

Thank you to those parents/carers already signed up to the evening on Wednesday 22nd January 2019 6.15-8.30pm. We are delighted to announce that we have Donna Peters-Lamb delivering her ‘Stress First-Aid’ session, which many families found useful last year. 


GCSEpods are ramping up amongst the year group with some students having watched over 700 pods! If you have not heard about this resource and would like to take a look, visit Please encourage your child to use this resource linked with exam boards and exam questions.


Seneca is another online platform available to all students to use to aid revision. Visit to find out more.

Resources for Parents/Carers 

We would like to share this presentation, which looks at different aspects of supporting children at home in Year 11. Also the following website can help support students with creating a revision timetable It is advisable for students to start planning their revision for their PPE2 exams which start on 10th February.  Please always contact your child’s tutor, particularly if you are finding your child is not coping in any of these areas. 

Revision books

Thank you to parents who got in touch to ask for more revision guides to be added to Wisepay, which we have managed to do. 

MFL Webinars

The MFL department are delighted to share their upcoming webinars designed to support students in French, Spanish and German. Students are welcome to just turn up to these sessions.

Spanish - 22nd January 3.30pm in D2a

German - 27th January 3.30pm in D2a

French - 30th January 3.30pm in D2a

GCSE Music Performance recording dates

GCSE Music students will be recording their solo performances on Tuesday 4th February. Please encourage students to be practising at home for this. They will also need to bring in the sheet music or a lead sheet to submit with their performance. Ensemble recordings will take place after half term. 

 English Lectures

Students are in for an English treat with Mr. Rayment’s legendary lectures. Students can just turn up.

Monday 27th January  - Unseen Poetry

Wednesday 29th January - Ozymandias

Wednesday 5th February - Poppies

Thursday 6th February - Remains


Coursework deadline is Friday 31st January. This is 60% of the final exam grade. All Unit 1 & 2 sketchbook work must be handed in with clay work and paintings. The exam paper will be handed out to students during the week starting 3rd February. Students will have 13 weeks to prepare a sketchbook of work. The final exam pieces will be completed over 10 hours in the first week of May. 

Year 11 Prom

The prom has been confirmed to take place at The Grand Hotel on Friday 5th June. Tickets for this will be available during the Spring term.

Year 11 Leaver Hoodies

Letters will be available after Christmas for the purchase of leavers hooded tops as a memento of our students time at Varndean. The cost of these will be £24 with a name or £20 without a name.

There will be a ‘Year 11’ option set up on Wisepay so that you can spread the cost of the prom ticket and leavers jumper over a period of time. This will allow you to make as many payments of small amounts as you wish as we are aware that the costs of these events can be significant for some families.

If you have any worries regarding student’s well-being please email our dedicated safeguarding email: