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A Word from the Director

Cinderella – Gussie O’Connor, Year 8

I wrote the Year seven play Cinderella which we rehearsed during the Spring term and performed in May. At first it was hard and it was difficult to cast the right people for the roles and to make sure everyone was at each rehearsal but as time went by it became easier. I had some help from cast members and they became not people I could boss about but people I could enjoy time with. When we did the first show it was obvious we still needed to improve but by the last show we were asked to perform it at the Midsummer Night’s Theme show to help raise money for the Allsorts charity. We were pleased that that went really well and more people applauded each time. After that event we were asked to perform it yet again for the Year six taster day. As the director I had to learn to manage cast changes, people not always coming to rehearsals and not bringing the right equipment – when I look back I sort of miss the chaotic time we spent rehearsing the scenes and staying late to do one more run through. Now I can’t wait to work on the new play I am going to write for next year’s seven and eights.