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Drama on High Impact Day

Year 10 mock GCSE performances – High impact Day

This year again we saw some excellent work from our Year 10 GCSE drama students who performed their devised Summer term pieces under the scrutiny of their ‘retired’ Year 11 counterparts who came back to judge their work bringing an edge of competition to the event. Thanks Caitlin, Isobel, Mariama, Kelly, Celeste and Eleanor for your valued contribution to the final results.
With the assignment brief of ‘Revenge’ the Year 10 students set about choosing their own working groups then devising 15 minute pieces to perform after 3 weeks’ preparation in lesson time. All groups were committed in this task and many rehearsed after school in the drama department until after 5.30pm. Each piece was original and full of energy setting the brief in a diverse array of situations – school, prison, the family, medieval times and many others.
All students involved said they really enjoyed the day and looked forward to and felt confident about preparing for the real thing next year.
Year 11 judgements as follows:
Best individual performances – Joe Taylor, Ella Verity, Lucas Pearse Watkins and Truby Bathurst.
Best ensemble performance – Lola King, Anya Heinrich, Chloe Cook, Chloe Watson and Eleanor Goodwin.
Best devised piece – Joe Taylor, Truby Bathurst, Guy Atoun and Ansar Zargoonsha.
Edgar Taljaard, Head of Drama