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An Artistic Collaboration

The Varndean Transition Project

I joined up with a group of seven year 7 students and a great team from 'Our Future City'. We headed off to the library where we met Ellie who loves ancient artifacts and Jo who is professional artist.

After exploring the galleries we chose objects that we were drawn to which we sketched and discussed.

We then met with Ellie and Jo every Wednesday after school in one of the lovely art rooms at Varndean. Having an artist with us was handy as we learnt some specialist creative techniques and we chatted about all kinds of things. 

The sunset was always fantastic and we all got to know each other pretty well.

We had a team from the university visit us with a 3D printer which we saw in action. They explained how strings of plastic would melt and via computer coding create 3D objects. 

We created 'Our Lucky Talismans'  or 'Our Transitional Objects' initially in clay. 

For me having something special from a special experience helps me to feel attached to both a place and to a group of people.

The goats, for example, came up often as they'd helped a few of us with the challenges of transitioning to secondary school. Me included!

Our creations were then magically transformed into 3D objects with the 3D printer and were then attached to Key Rings. We're very proud of them as they've come out beautifully.

These are some pictures from our exhibition. We hope you like them. We'll miss each other for sure but my goat key ring will last forever. 



Ms Offley