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Equalities and Diversity at Varndean School

Miss Bates updates us with the latest news from the equalities team.

So far this academic year we have appointed a new Lead Co-ordinator on Equalities and Diversity – Miss Adele Bates. Miss Bates is one of our English teachers and has been working alongside  the new Equalities and Diversity Senior Students – Alice Bradley and Ali Bamuzahim.

With the input of students Miss Bates led a training session at Brighton University on  LGBT Awareness for trainee teachers in Secondary School which included:

  • how to support LGBT students;
  • authenticity verses professional conduct as an LGBT teacher;
  • Ofsted requirements and British Values;
  • safeguarding;
  • promoting school awareness;
  • tackling prejudice with staff and students.

Thanks to the real case studies and student advice the trainees learnt a lot to help them in their forthcoming careers.

I can be more upfront and direct about LGBT issues than I thought - it’s OK not to know and ask questions.

You provided a wealth of resources for us, including contemporary legal frameworks that are very helpful.

Affirmed the importance of using sensitive and inclusive language in the classroom.

International Day of Disability Awareness

In line with this international day we shared an assembly in which we considered the question: What language do we use when speaking about people with disabilities people in our community?

We examined the etymology of words that are often used nowadays as insults, and thought about how we want language to be used at Varndean School.

Starting in 2017 there will be a new drop-in space on Wednesday lunchtimes in the Eco Building for LGBT+ students who want a space to socialise together.