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New Music Opportunities

A look at the new opportunities in Music at Varndean School.

It's early January and this week our assemblies have been about music and the new exciting opportunities available to our students here at Varndean.

I didn’t come this far to only come this far. 

This is the message the Music department want to convey to our students, no matter how much they have already learned there are always ways they can develop and learn more! 

There is already an extensive range of facilities and opportunities for students to explore music at Varndean, however the team carried out a survey to see what else students would like. As a result, staff have further developed what they can offer to students.

Why is music important?

Companies want to employ creative people because of the large range of transferable skills that they develop; good concentration, self-management, planning, working under pressure and technical skills and expertise. Here at Varndean the Music department are committed to making sure that students have opportunities to develop these skills.

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

What's on Offer?

Online keyboard lessons are now available to students for the amazing price of £1 a year! Work and assessments are completed online and then marked so that the student receives instant feedback, allowing students to work at their own pace. Music grades are awarded by the University of West London/ London College of Music and are on the Ofqual register.

Coming up we have our Inter-school Music competition beginning on Monday 23rd January with the Russell School heat. Tuesday is Turing, Wednesday is Angelou and Thursday Ellis with the grand final taking place Friday 27th January. The theme for this one is classical pieces and all years, both group and individual performers, are invited to take place.

Students will have the chance to be part of Music Leader programme giving them the chance to gain a Silver Arts Award, which is a Level 2 Qualification. They will teach or support other young music students, developing many skills such as leadership, music competency, communication, empathy and understanding for young people. This opportunity is open to Years 8 and 9 and is a free course.

We are also pleased to be able to offer the Masterclass. These evening classes give students the chance to come in and work together with some exceptional musicians, composers and performers. So far we have confirmed musicians such as Robert Scamardella - a pianist who was the former BBC Young Musician runner up, a singer/songwriter of an indie rock band and a composer of game soundtracks, with more to be announced soon.

Finally coming up on 20th June will be our Summer Music Celebration and we would love to see as many of you there as possible.