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Inter-school #TwHaiku

Entries and winning poems from the Twitter based competition.

We faced a tough decision in selecting the winners for this inter-school competition, so without further ado, we are pleased to announce the following:

1st place - Poppy Ashton, Angelou
2nd place - Brennan Lambert, Angelou
3rd place - Laura Boyd, Angelou and Ruby Moss, Turing

Congratulations to you all and thank you to all the students who took the time to enter. The poems can be seen below.


A gentle dark falls upon the sky
Forever more will there be an extra star in that loneliness
But you float with us, a waterlily on our lake.
Poppy Ashton, Year 7, Angelou


Wen I'm older I will b a soldier 
I'm leaving u my love all memories r in a folder
wen I go dont shed a tear
I will b in ur heart and always near
Brennan Lambert, Year 11, Angelou


Stuck Underneath

I'm sorry that I'm trying to keep myself for longer
I'm sorry that I am being strong,
When you're meant to be stronger!
Laura Boyd, Year 7, Angelou

A school based drama

Into school base Mia came quiet time
after a silly classroom game 
Told off and angry on a sofa she sat
she got a few books and curled up like a cat.
Ruby Moss, Year 11, Turing


As I wake up from my cosy bed,
I open the curtains and scratch my head,
I can already feel the cold air,
as if the clouds don't even care!
Beth Hedgeland, Year 7, Angelou
Wind whistles through the trees,
twisting and turning,
but where does the wind go?
It slows down and speeds up
but eventually it's gone - where?
Theo Goodwin, Year 7, Angelou