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Years 7 & 8 progress well in netball.

On Thursday 26th January, the 7A and 8A netball teams played a match against Brighton & Hove High School at home. It was extremely cold and despite numb fingers, both teams played outstandingly well.

A special mention should be made of the Year 8 team. Their level of netball play in comparison to the first few games of the season is barely recognisable. This progress is a well deserved tribute and reflection of their focus and commitment to practices. Well done girls.

The Year 7 team display a consistent performance in matches and work exceptionally well together. The teams were:

Lundy Mackenzie

Libby Tanner

Grace Botterill

Camelia Passauer Saavedra

Lily Richardson

Sidney Harris

Freeya Noble-Musgrave

Fleur Valiant

Maddie Charles-Ellery

Edith Yelling

Edie Chapman

Laura Boyd

Ruby Cain 

Rosa Williams

Players of the match were Lily Richardson and Edie Chapman. 

The results were:

The Year 7 team won 3 - 1

The Year 8 team won 6 - 5

A very credible and well-deserved set of results, well done to all our players!

Miss Whitley