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Varndean Goats in the News!

Maya, Bertie, Alan, Ethel and William in the limelight.

Not content with being the only pets at Varndean School and having their own Twitter account, our five pygmy goats have taken their status to a new level of late with several media appearances! 

Named after our four schools (Angelou, Russell, Turing and Ellis and our Headteacher, William Deighan), Maya, Bertie, Alan, Ethel and William have melted the hearts of both staff and students alike. Now news of the positive impact of our furry friends has spread far and wide. The essence of their success at our school is the human engagement with nature they offer and the school's pastoral provision support in terms of wellbeing, mindfulness, leadership, a well-rounded holistic education and fun!

Below are some of the places they have featured, with more to come!





Keep up to date with @varndeangoats and @VarndeanSchool.

Did you don't have to have a twitter account, our main school tweets are featured on the homepage - just click on the bird to show only tweets and the goats' own account can be found on the goats' own page on the website.


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