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Inter-school Cross Channel Rowing Competition

The highs and sore points of rowing the Channel.

Russell students row to victoryLast week we had our first inter-school fitness competition with each school attempting to be the first to row across the Channel (35,405m). 70 students and teachers participated in the event which ran from Monday to Friday. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the fitness room and everyone who participated, gave it 101% - it was a real treat to watch.

A special mention should be made of Riley Johnson, who continued rowing well after his 15 mins, clocking up a massive 3,817m. I think he may have felt it for a few days after. Well done Riley!

Russell absolutely smashed the competition, crossing the Channel on Tuesday and accumulating a final distance of 75,752m. Turing came 2nd crossing the Channel on Wednesday, clocking up some serious mileage the second half of the week, with a final distance of 68,091m. Ellis were 3rd crossing the Channel in the final few minutes of the competition with a final distance of 35,111m. Angelou are stranded somewhere in between the UK and France, last spotted by the coastguard at 18,136m...!

Well done to everyone who participated. Time to start planning the next one. Anyone for an iron man??

Miss Whitley

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