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Over the last 2 days our students have gone from knitting novices to knitting dojos.

They have worked on creating their stuffed knitted rabbit, embellished it with features, scarves, bows and flowers. They have learnt the importance of resilience by the bucket load. We now have a ‘warren’ of knitted rabbits. Not only have they knitted for themselves, but have taught several members of staff too – even Mr Deighan! Today saw the arrival of 3 beautiful wooden spinning wheels. All the girls had a go and produced their own spun yarn with sheep fleece. Tomorrow sees the girls learning the art of crochet and creating their own personalised knitted badges. The girls take their knitting home each evening to carry on – it’s great for occupying some time, doing whilst the TV is on or just as a way of relaxing. There are rumours of  a new after school club for September – now they have started they don’t want to stop – keep calm and knit!