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Year 10 Parents Evening

Year 10 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening – Thursday, 5th October 2017

The Year 10 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening, scheduled for Thursday, 5th October 2017, is an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress with subject teachers and to check their progress towards their targets.

The evening will begin at 4.30pm and finish at 7.30pm. Our aim is to enable you to meet subject teachers at a time most convenient to yourselves. Each appointment will last 5 minutes and I ask that you keep to schedule so that the evening can run with minimum delays. Should there be issues that require longer discussion a further appointment to meet with the teacher concerned can of course be requested at a later date.

At the request of our parents, our paper appointments system has been replaced by an online system within Varndean PLUS (Parental and Learners Unified System). Please note that appointments are on a first come first served basis and some teachers teach more than one Year 10 class, so may be very busy on the night. if you are unable to get an appointment on the night with a specific teacher please email the teacher concerned to find an alternative time to discuss your child.   Varndean PLUS will be open for bookings at 8pm on Tuesday 19th September 2017 and close at midnight on Monday 2nd October 2017.

As there are no car parking facilities on the school site and roads around the area are extremely busy at times, please give consideration to our neighbours should you need to park within the surrounding area.  Dorothy Stringer school allow use of their car park on these evenings should you require it.

If you have any additional requirements e.g. wheelchair access, please contact Pamela Fulton on 01273 561281 extension 333 or email who will advise accordingly.