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Love Your Clothes?

Year 10 student Molly writes about her trip to the recent Love Your Clothes event at Brighton's Open Market.

Last week, a group of Year 10 textiles and Eco-committee students visited the Open Market where WRAP’s Love Your Clothes campaign were holding an event to raise awareness of sustainability as part of Brighton Fashion Week. They talked about how much the industry wastes in terms of water and energy and how many clothes are thrown away each year.

We then did an activity where we reused old clothes to create new items such as brooches and collars. I found this very interesting and helped me understand how you can turn clothes you don’t want into new pieces.

This event helped me to understand the importance of sustainability in fashion and made me think of ways to make my final GCSE piece sustainable.

Molly Williams Prentice

Photos by David McHugh 07768 721637