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What's the grey Matter with Gregory?

Varndean school is thrilled to be launching the immersive educational event ‘What’s the Grey Matter with Gregory?’ on 13th November.

A re-imagination of Bill Forsyth’s essential teen romance Gregory’s Girl, the event invites students aged 13-16 to explore the science behind human attraction before introducing them to the charming 1980s romance.

This unique project, a collaboration between Cinelive, BFI education and the BFI Film Audience Network, and with funding from the Wellcome Trust, will take place between November 2015 and February 2016 and engage with over 1,000 young people. 10 venues across Scotland, Wales and the South East of England will transform into Gregory’s Girl’s 1981 Abronhill High school, complete with dark rooms, home economics classrooms, footie players and a penguin! Students will turn scientist and – with the help of a team of PhD researchers and post-Docs – examine the psychology of attraction and explore how hormones influence social behaviour through a series of imaginative interactive workshops designed and delivered by partners from the University of Westminster and University of Oxford. The events will culminate with a screening of the film, establishing an appreciation of classic British cinema among future audiences.

The launch event at Varndean School will feature a special guest appearance from Caroline Guthrie, one of the original cast members of the film who will perform in part of the show and deliver a question and answer session at the end that discusses her experiences as a performer in the film industry. This event is featuring as part of the Cinecity festival and Into Film Festival.

For more information on how to get involved visit the Cinelive website or see the Into Film festival website for booking.