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What is Formula 24?

Formula 24 has come about to inspire young people to become engineers by presenting the industry as an interesting and relevant career choice which could help solve problems relating to the personal, social and emotional development (known in Britain as PSED) of individuals and society. The main idea is for teams of students between the ages of 9 to 25 to build and race their own electric powered race car at top racing circuits such as Goodwood.

Who can take part?

Any student at Varndean School can become part of the team. The mixture of varying backgrounds and skills that students have make up a group with a very broad knowledge of many subject areas and diversities.  

What do the students have to do?

Students work as a team to build a Formula 24 racing car that has to comply with technical and sporting regulations set out by GreenPower. Members of staff oversee the build but are very much hands-off for this project and attend simply to guide students for the tasks they must undertake. The car has to comply with criteria to protect the driver and bystanders as well as ensuring that the races are competitive. Scrutineers check that the car has no unfair advantage over others.

Students are writing to relevant businesses seeking sponsorship to contribute towards their F24 car in exchange for advertising space, this is also planned / printed / fixed to the bodywork. Dall's porpoise is currently undergoing aerodynamic tests to ascertain what might be the best shape for the version 1 car, material used is also a subject that is spoken about for many hours.

How is this funded ?

This is funded through donations from sponsors in exchange for advertising space, The whole Project is based on giving time for free to create what we hope to be a very unique car that will be a talking point at any track day, you will see exactly what this is upon entering our first race.  


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