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Bertrand Russell painting by students in Enrichment week 2016
Bertrand Russell painting by students in Enrichment week 2016

Our school is named after British philosopher Bertrand Russell and unique to Russell School, we adopt Philosophy for Children (P4C) enquiries in some of our tutor sessions. Students participate in discussion over ‘big ideas’ and develop the confidence to speak out and share their views. It is our philosophy that students need to learn how to think critically and creatively so that what and how they learn at Varndean is future-proof in an ever changing, fast paced 21st Century.

Varndean School is truly different – from the moment you step through the doors, the vibrancy and energy of the people in it can be felt.  There is a hunger for learning from both students and adults, making it a fantastic place to work.


Head of Russell School - Mr G Hughes 


Deputy Head of Russell School  - Miss A Holder

 Hello, my name is Miss Holder and I am the Deputy Head of Russell School.

 I joined Varndean in September 2016 and my career has always been based around supporting children and young adults whilst at school.

 My role at Varndean is to ensure that each student has a positive and   rewarding experience during their time at Varndean School. I am here to   not only support, guide and advise each and every student within Russell   School, but also be a member of staff that parents can contact whenever   they need to discuss an issue. 

School Leader - Mrs C Drake 

Hello , my name is Miss Drake and I am the school leader at Russell school

I recently moved from another department within varndean and I'm thrilled to be taking on a role as rewarding as school leader .

I aim to bring support and guidance to our students and to ensure that they have a positive and enriching time whilst learning and growing .

I am particularly passionate about our students happiness and well being and I am always ready to listen to any issue ..big or small .

My support also extends to parents and carers wishing to seek advice regarding issues surrounding all aspects of the students schooling such as attendance , uniform , behaviour and well being

School Leader  - Miss L Ventura

Hello, my name is Miss Ventura and I am a School Leader. I studied Psychomotor Rehabilitation (Movement Therapy) at the University of Human Kinetics (Faculdade de Motricidade Humana) in Lisbon, Portugal. I've studied up to the Master's Degree having specialised in Therapeutic Intervention and Behaviour Management in Education settings. After completing my studies I've worked in pastoral roles and middle management for about 12 years. I've furthered my career using my therapy background as a guide towards student wellbeing and academic success. 

My vision and ethos is to have and inspire a growth mindset in others, guiding and supporting students to fulfil their individual aspirations through motivation and discipline. I want the schools I work in to thrive and reach their maximum potential and will do my absolute best for this to happen. If you have any questions or need any support please either contact me by phone or email on

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