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We use various different systems for communicating and working at Varndean School and so to help families we have created a guide to illustrate what is used and when, please click on the link below to view.

A guide to accessing Varndean School communications for families 2021-2022

Communicating re Your Child's Progress

A key factor in Varndean’s success is the strong partnership between home and school. One area of focus is the academic progress students are making and to aid this effort we have produced the document linked below which sets out the variety of ways that school and home can communicate about this priority. This will be especially useful for families new to the Varndean community but may also remind some more seasoned parents of the tools at their disposal. The document also sets out how parents evenings will work this year post COVID and includes some small changes we have introduced to respond to the feedback you have given us previously.

Parental partnership

Varndean PLUS

A more detailed user guide to Varndean PLUS is available in the drop down menu below.


Student Bulletin

For students we produce a student bulletin each Friday with details of upcoming events around the school.


Further Help

Should you have any queries regarding any aspect of technology for either you or your child, please don't hesitate to contact us via  

Varndean PLUS

Varndean PLUS enables parents to view the latest information about their child's attendance, achievements, behaviour and homework. 

Varndean PLUS User Guide

You should have received an email from Varndean School ( containing your Varndean PLUS username, password and a link to Varndean PLUS itself. Using these details you can log on to Varndean PLUS. If you have not received an email from the school with your details in, please either email or call 01273 561281.

When logging in to Varndean PLUS, you will need your username and password. Enter your registered email in box number (1) and your password in box number (2) and click login in (3). If you have forgotten your password, then you can click the forgotten password link (4) and a reset password link will be emailed to you.

On the main page of Varndean PLUS, after logging in you will see a display overview of your child's performance to date, this will include varying items such as achievements/behaviour/weekly lesson timetable etc. Depending on your child's individual information, some items seen above may not be applicable and so not shown as the above is an example account just to give you a typical view. 

In the top left you will see your child's name(s) with a photo of them to the left of that. If relevant, you can switch between which child's information you are looking at here. Also along the top are the areas of navigation, general/attendance and so on; by clicking each of these you are shown additional options that will give you more detailed information.

Mobile App Support

If you are a mobile user and would prefer to view this information on a tablet or phone device then you can do so by browsing the App Store using the following term “Insight Tasc” - you should see 1 result with this icon image.

Please download this and follow the application instructions after launching the App.

(It is advisable that you ensure you are able to access the system from the standard desktop web access method prior to following the mobile App instructions).

Before you can connect you will need to set the address in the App settings, to complete this you need to click on the settings icon as shown above in red.

Simply enter the URL as show above -  - click ok to return to the previous screen and enter the email address and password that you used to confirm that you were able to login on the web based system.

If you’re not able to successfully sign in, then please check that you have entered the following items correctly:

  • Are you using the same email address that the school have on record, if not then you will need to email or contact the school to update your record.
  • Have you changed or forgotten your password? If you have then from the login page you can simply select the option “Don’t know your password?” enter your email address and click on submit. If you have an error at this point it means the email address being entered is different from that on record and you will need to contact the school.
  • Please check that your bookmarks are not still pointing towards the older systems we have had in place. The current address is:

The mobile App is available for android and apple devices. If you do not use one of these style of devices then please use a standard web browser.

If your App has stopped working then please uninstall it and re-install it following the above guide.