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Student using the Reading Room computers

Preparation at Varndean

Preparation at home helps to develop good study habits, which are essential for life-long learning. This helps students prepare for future learning and so at Varndean School homework is called Preparation.

It helps students to become independent learners without the need to always have direct supervision. It can encourage a love of learning and play a big part in personalising learning. It extends and develops the work done in school and encourages research and experimentation. It can make use of resources not normally available in the classroom. At Varndean School homework is Preparation for learning.

Preparation timetable 21-22

Online Preparation facility

All parents/carers can log in to Varndean PLUS using their username and password and see what Preparation their child has been set to complete at home.  If you need any assistance using Varndean PLUS please refer to the Varndean PLUS page.

Preparation Guidance


We believe at Varndean School learning beyond the classroom is a vital part of ensuring that our students succeed. It helps teachers to maximise the learning time in class, and gives students the opportunity to extend and deepen their understanding. Preparation tasks will be set on Varndean PLUS. At key points in our 9 week learning cycle Preparation will be focused on revision to support students in their written assessments.

When will Preparation be set?

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

  • For Year 7 students there will be no Preparation set until Learning Cycle 1 week 5 to aid students in the transition process.
  • Students are taught how to plan and manage their Preparation through tutor time and Learning 4 Life sessions.
  •  Preparation is set as outlined on the Preparation timetable above. (30-45 mins per subject)


Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

  • Preparation is content driven, with the aim that students learn something.
  • The setting of preparation alternates each week between core (English, Mathematics and Science) and options subjects. See the Preparation timetable above (45 - 60 mins per subject).

Checking up on Preparation

  • Subject teachers are responsible for making sure that it is entered online, checking that it has been completed satisfactorily, marking it and feeding back to the students.
  • Form tutors regularly check that Preparation is being completed. Parents are also asked to check Varndean PLUS and to discuss its completion with their child.
  • Preparation is also monitored by Heads of Department.
  • Good Preparation is rewarded using the school’s and departments' procedures.
  • If it is not completed or handed in on time without a good reason, such as illness or other genuine difficulties this will be followed up by the teacher.
  • If a pattern of non-completion develops, the parents will be informed via Varndean PLUS, an email or a telephone call.