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Our vision is for students to explore their intrinsic curiosity and to deepen understanding of the human mind and behaviour.



The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

WILLIAM JAMES (1842-1910)


Why Study this Subject? 

The study of Psychology primarily introduces students to a new arena of learning. Students embrace the mature nature of the subjects, and for many this informs their choices at sixth form college and beyond. Psychology  requires students to reflect on the self, and others behaviour.  The course places a heavy emphasis on applying psychological theory to everyday life. This involves reading, practical research, debate, analysis and the ability to differ in opinion.

Topics of Study and Assignments 

Psychology - topics of study: focus on ten areas that influence human behaviour. These are Sex and Gender, Memory, Obedience, Atypical Behaviour, Attachment, Perception, Cognitive Development, The Self, Non-Verbal Communication and Criminal Behaviour.

Each of the ten topics includes two psychological theories, a detailed investigation in to a piece of psychological research and then the application of research to everyday life.

Paper 3 focuses purely on Research Methods, teaching students how to complete their own Psychological research.

Key skills developed are debating skills, analysis and evaluation. Students also need to reflect on their own behaviours in order to apply theory to real life. 

The Team

Judith Ford is the Head of Social Science and is qualified with a BSc in Social Science, a BSc in Psychology and a PGCE.

Dylan Owen, BA Hons and PGCE, has a professional interest in adapting mindfulness and NLP techniques to remove barriers to education.

Events and Activities

Previous trips have included visits to Sigmund Freud's House, an exploration into the Psychology of Fear at the London Eye, London Dungeons and the Perception Study at the Saatchi Gallery.