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Year 8 & 9 Rewards Trip to Blacklands Farm
Year 8 & 9 Rewards Trip to Blacklands Farm


The achievement Rewards Policy is now in its third year. Following a successful launch we have seen a positive impact in a number of areas in school and a rise in the amount of achievement points given, highlighting the positive behaviour happening in every part of the school community. Our achievement categories of teaching and learning, extra-curricular and pastoral ensure we recognise all aspects of students' contributions. 

Students see direct rewards for their hard work, positive attitude and community spirit. They gain achievement points within the 3 C’s structure of Community, Charity and Competition. All student achievements are recognised individually and as a community. Individual students work towards Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards with the latter resulting in an invitation to an awards ceremony for students and their families. Within form groups students work together to qualify for whole class rewards such as: Varndean cinema, breakfast and lunch, festive hampers in addition to charity donations. 

Student voice plays a significant part with a student working party group chairing opinions on how to evolve the rewards system as well as providing feedback to students and event organisation.

Parents and students can keep track of points on Varndean PLUS as well as on the homepage of the website. These achievement opportunities underpin our ethos of ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, helping us to focus on how we see our achievements and the knock-on effect of our hard work and dedication to studying, school representation and overall positive attitudes to the learning process.