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Alan Turing painting by students in Enrichment week 2016
GrAlan Turing painting by students in Enrichment week 2016

Turing School is named after Alan Turing the English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist who has become increasingly famous due to the highly successful film "The Imitation Game". Alan Turing displayed tremendous courage, resilience and strength of character during his life and was responsible for building the Bombe which helped decipher the German Enigma machine during the Second World War and is thought to have saved thousands of lives and shortened the war by as much as 2 years.

Turing students are extremely proud of the man behind the naming of our school and try each day to display the same courage, resilience and character that Alan Turing displayed during his life.


Head of School     -  Mr A Roberts

Having lived by the coast in various seaside towns throughout my life, it was inevitable that I would end up settling down in Britain’s best! After studying in London at Roehampton University for four years, I graduated as a Primary School Teacher and taught in Croydon for five years before moving to Varndean School in 2007.

Teaching is something I have a real passion for and initially saw myself as a Primary School Teacher, teaching multiple subjects to one class.  After graduating, I spent two years teaching at a large Junior School before deciding to take a year out to travel the world.  Spending some time in various schools in countries such as Cambodia and Laos gave me a real thirst to return and make the most of the opportunities provided in the education system we have here in England. On my return, to the same school in Croydon, I became Head of Year 6 and the Maths Department Coordinator supporting colleagues in school and across the local authority.

Deputy Head Of School- Miss G Maltby

I first attended school on the South East Coast of England , I then moved to Somerset for University where I completed my degree in Interior Textiles and Surface Pattern.

I found myself back in Brighton in 2008 and landed myself a job as a technician in Varndean Design Technology Department, this allowed me to continue to be created and follow my passion.

I have continued my professional progression to a training teacher then to Head of Design Technology with the support from Varndean School. My Ethos has always been to support and nurture the whole child with their education holding high expectations for all, this lead me to joining Turing School 2018 as Deputy Head of School.

School Leader - Mr L Williams

After completing my degree in contemporary art at Sheffield Hallam University I found a passion for education and the opportunities it can bring to young people's lives.

I originally started at Varndean in October 2011 as a teaching assistant with a specialism in English having worked teaching English as an additional language in my previous role, I have since worked across different departments specialising in behaviour management.

My main professional focus has always been to support students to the highest standard during their time at Varndean and create strong links with families to ensure students can leave Varndean feeling ready to take on the next chapter in their life with confidence and pride.

Turing News

Varndean year 9/10 girls Rounders Team came 3rd in the yearly Tournament on 13th June winning 3 matches, drawing 2 matches and only losing 1 match by 1 rounder - well done girls. 

Turing were represented by our year 8 Turing student, Erin 8LBU.

Well done to the students who represented Varndean in the Towns Sports day on Monday 18th June.

Ben 10LDE

Miaya - Lyn 10LDE

Elliot 10RDN

Marcel 9AMI

Libby 9DAT

Well done to Felicia for her positive attitude to learning and asking interesting questions in Science.

Well done to all the Turing students who completed their bronze D of E assessed expedition last week June 9-10th. We are very proud of you:

















Good luck to 7NGW today who are raising money for The Clocktower Sanctuary with a sponsored silence and handing in their mobile phones for the day. 

Congratulations to all the Turing girls who took part in the Rounders tournament  at Dorothy Stringer on 6/6/2018.

The Dorothy Stringer game was closely fought but Varndean proved that they were in a league of their own, winning the final.

Well done Lili, Ruby, Pru, Roisin, Solara, Mariame, Erin, Bonnie and Mika

Well done to Freddie for winning the Apfel Strudel Competition
Congratulations  to Charlie and Mika both in 8LBU for being awarded Scientists of the Month.
Extra curricular activity - Ella 8DJF

 A couple of weeks ago, I took part in a sleep out for the Clock Tower Sanctuary with my Woodcraft Group.   All together we raised over £800!

Homelessness is a huge issue in Brighton, with 1 in 69 homeless.  Its great to have Turing raising money for the Clock Tower Sanctuary and helping to fight homelessness.  The Clock Tower Sanctuary helps homeless 16-25 year olds to get their lives back. The night we slept out it was raining, cold and uncomfortable, so it sort of gave us more insight but it definitely wasn’t the same as being homeless. I still had the reassurance of knowing that I was safe and that I have a home with a warm bed and food.  Many homeless youths only a little older than me will never know this feeling if we don’t do something to help.  Ella  8DJF

Hot Chocolate with The Head 

Aela Scutt 10LDE was invited to have hot chocolate with the head on 13/5/2018 this is for her positivity and resilience in the Duke of Edinburgh.

Varndean Goat Race

Well done to Isobel and Kennedy 7NGE for representing Turing School in the Goat Race on March 23rd.  Leading our very own goat Alan along the obstacle course. It was a really fun way of raising money for Sport Relief. We didn't win the cup this year, but we did have fun!

Come Read with Me Project - March 27th 

A very big well done to Kofi, Harley, Mika, Salma Eloise, Rosie, Daisy & Toby for reading with some year 4 students from Hertford School yesterday,

All students werre extremely supportive and made the young visitors from Hertford feel very welcome. 

Feedback from Hertford School was that all the students throughly enjoyed the visit and can't wait to come back.

Looking after my Spanish Buddy - By Harriet 8ASJ

On Monday I had my Spanish student Agnes Alegri. So I met Agnes in the Spanish, room D3 and then I talked to her in Spanish and some English. All about Varndean and what we do over here in England, then we talked about Spain and her family. I then gave Anges a mini-tour of Varndean school. And showed her lots of things in our school community,  we were talking about her school and how it's so different.  Then we went into form and I introduced her to my form and had a quick chat about her life in Spain. Then our lessons on Monday were: Music, English, History, English, History, and Maths.  Agnes really enjoyed her first day and then I dropped her off at badminton club and then I went to Rugby. Tuesday we arranged to meet in the canteen so we did and we had: English, Science, R.E, English, Computing, Science and she really enjoyed the lessons in Computing, we were looking at her country Catalonia and where Agnes lives Figures.  Agnes was teaching me some Catalan, which is Agnes's first language, then Spanish but she is fluent in both and speak's English really well. Then on Wednesday, we had DEAR (drop everything and read)  and Agnes read a Catalonian book called The Grey Notebook.  Our first lesson was Drama,  Agnes's favourite lesson. Agnes helped me organize a game and then directed my group's drama piece. Then we had Spanish which she loved, and we played lots of Spanish games together. The rest of our lessons were Double Geography and Double Maths which was ok, Agnes did really well with work and enjoyed it very much. On Thursday for the whole day, we had the BBC Filiming which was really fun. Agnes helped with the filming. Friday in form we had a goodbye celebration for Agnes and then our lessons were: Maths, Spanish, Double Art, Science and then finally Spanish. The lessons went really well and we both really enjoyed them.  I really enjoyed this experience and I'm really happy and thankful that I got a chance to do it I have also loved spending time with Agnes and improving on my Spanish. 

Brighton & Hove Schools Swimming Gala

Well done to Dylan 8ASJ, Curtis 7CSH, Mary 8DJF, Alice 10RDN & Finn 10ATU for their excellent performances in the Swimming Gala. It was wonderful to see them return with their medals.

Turing's Got Talent Fund Raising Evening - March 7th 2018  




Turing School are so very proud of our students. We had an amazing evening with talented performances, guest Judges, a representative from The Clock Tower Sanctuary, food, and a Raffle with very impressive prizes.  Staff and students then performed a Samba band finale which was so much fun. To say our Charity students worked so hard, is an understatement.

We are also overjoyed to announce that the event raised nearly £500.00. 

Please look out for our next Fundraising event!

Hot Chocolate with Mr Deighan       


Rufus  - For being a polite & respectful young man in public, giving up his seat on the bus for the elderly and pregnant ladies.

Keon  - For representing Varndean School in a Table Tennis Championship and winning.

Daniel For being an amazing compere in the Turing's Got Talent fundraising evening.

Chloe - For leading/ supporting the staff & students in the Samba band performance for Turing's Got Talent.


Table Tennis    


Well done to Keon 8ASJ for representing Varndean in the Schools Table Tennis Championship Competitio


Well done to ASJ for achieving Gold  in the  Accelerated Reader Award - a big well done to Reuben  Year 8  for reading the most books.

Well Done to Turing's Scientists of the Month - February

Aimee  - For good attainment, resilience and positive mindset

Biba - For constantly working hard and engaging 100% with her lessons.

We would like to congratulate Conrad  on his successful application for the Young Coach Academy 2018, 
Congratulations to Daisy and Romy from 7CSH who came 3rd in the Great Geography Bake Off Interschool Competition today. 


Well done to Ruby & Lencia 8LBU and Maia 7CCH for their entries


Hot Chocolate nomination 2/2/2018 
Well done to Maggie for always working hard and doing the right thing.
Brilliant Club - by Alfie 
Working with the Brilliant Club has been a great experience. Not only has it given me very valuable knowledge about the topic I have been studying, ‘Does society need schools?’, it helped me develop academic skills that I will need when I go to University. I also have a much better idea of what it’s like to study and live at University after being taken on tours around two of the best in the UK, helping me make more informed choices about my future. Learning how to write an essay was very helpful, preparing me for when I have to write my next. The process it assessed, and I was pleased to get a good grade.


Learning Enhancement Day 24th January 2018

Our year 7 Students took part in a Create a Popcorn Container activity for the day.

The object of the acitivity was to:

  • Develop & increase financial awareness through planning and costing a project idea
  • Develop teamwork skills & Communication skills through group discussion and public speaking.

We are pleased to announce that Joe, Sylvie, Leo, Alexi, Curtis & Lily from 7CSH were joint winners.



Erin 8ASJ

For entering and getting through to the finals of the Inter School Spelling Bee Competition.

Otis 9MI

Taking part in the Entreprise Challenge at the Amex Stadium

Enterprise Challenge at the Amex Stadium


Otis was part of a team of students that took part in a Premier League Enterprise challenge at the AMEX Community Stadium.  They formed two teams, and were asked to create and develop an idea on increasing diversity in attendance at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.  The two teams worked independently on two different ideas, and presented them to a panel of judges in front of students from 6 other Brighton schools at the AMEX.  

Both teams presented fantastically well, and the judges were very impressed.  They year 8 team placed third, and the year 9 team came first!  Their idea was based around a community day to welcome a greater number of younger and older citizens to the AMEX.  As a result of this success, the Year 9 team (Team Swim on the Left) will go on to represent Brighton and Hove Albion in the regional final of the Premier League Enterprise Challenge at Southampton FC in January!  We wish them lots of luck in the next round!  

Otis  -  Diary of events

On the first day we went to the Amex and did an activity about working together to make a tower of cards using string and an elastic band. After that we were shown a video of Richard Scudamore telling us about what the challenge is. We had to make up an idea to create bigger diversity in attendance at football matches. Then we thought up our idea and went back to school and developed it for the Brighton round.

The next time we went back to the Amex to present our idea to the judges and after the judges made much consideration, decided that we could win and go and represent Brighton and Hove Albion FC in the next round.

The next round took us 2 hours in the mini bus to get to Saint Mary's Stadium where Southampton FC play. When we got there we got shown to our director’s box where we would stay for the day. Then we went to the stage and rehearsed our pitch once through. After that we went back to our room and rehearsed it a few times and went to a workshop about what skills we used and got better at and also took a picture of us in an Instagram outline. Next we went back to the stage and presented our idea to the judges. First to present were Queen's Park Rangers, next were Arsenal FC,  after them it was Varndean, then it was Fulham FC and last was Southampton FC. After that the judges went up to their office to decide who the winner is. In the break we had a tour of the stadium and a presentation from EY, who are the people holding the final of the competition. After that we sat down ready for the results. The leader of the judges said some good comments and some suggestions of improvements for each group. After that they announced the winners and we won! Varndean will be  going to the next round in London at the South Bank. We received the trophy and had a few photos with the Judges and then we went home.

Interschool Hockey Competion

Congratulations to the four Turing students who took part in the Interschool Hockey Competition on Wednesday 24th January,  Well done to Curtis Year 7, Thomas, Charlie & Dexter for coming in 2nd place.

Well done to Erin  who took part in the Interschool Spelling Bee competiton and getting through to the finals. 


Turing School celebrate and encourage student's extra curricular activities 



We are very proud to announce the Turing students who were  successful in their application to become a Language Leader:

Yi Yan 






Language Leaders is a leadership programme: it is based around Languages Teaching and Learning. 

Students will attend meetings / sessions where we will discuss what makes a good teacher / lesson / student and come up with ways to help students best learn in languages lessons.

The students will be planning and teaching lessons. They will also do some sessions with Year 7 students and, their final test, in a Primary School.


We have started the New year with two new members of staff in Turing School.

We would like to welcome Mr Andy Roberts - Deputy Head of Turing School who has replaced Laura Nicholson and Mr Lee Williams - School Leader who has replaced Jenny Pearce.

4 Turing students entered into the  Turing Heat Interschool Spelling Bee Competion today,  15.01.2018.  This was open to year 7 & 8 Students.

  • Aimee  (4 words correct)
  • Erin  (6 words correct)
  • Keon  (4 words correct)
  • Freddy  (1 word correct)

Erin goes through to the Grand Final on Friday.

Following on from our successful fundraising events for the Connor Saunders Foundation last year - bringing home the Charity cup for most money raised, Turing students have chosen The Clocktower Sanctuary to support this year.  It is a drop-in service providing support to homeless young people (aged 16 -25) in Brighton &  Hove. 

Suzy Hudson who is a Volunteer visited Varndean School in December to talk to our Turing Students about their services and to collect  the toiletries, food and clothing items that each Turing form group had collected to help the Young People over the Christmas Period.

We are planning a  'Turing's Got Talent'  charity fundraising event which will be taking place on the evening of 7th March - more details to follow. 

Each week the school base nominate a student to have Hot Chocolate with Mr Deighan, Daniel  and Sylvie  and Otis  have been nominated so far this term. 

Sylvie is always keen to join in any extra curricular activities, interschool competitions and Charity events. She also played the piano beautifully in the Christmas assembly.   Sylvie has 100% attendance and 415 achievement points and  0 behviour points. She has had a really positive start at Varndean

Daniel  has the most achievement points in Year 11 Turing  &  100% attendance, he applies himself as a Senior Student extremely well. 

Otis  - For taking part in the Premier League Challenge Programme.

Manisha has been chosen as January's Scientist of the Month - this is for all her efforts in the last term with her revision in each lesson - Mr Adams

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