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Khalsa school uniform worn by student

All Varndean School students are expected to be in school uniform at all times during the school day.

The uniform consists of:

  • White collared shirt (polo shirts/under-tops not to be seen)
  • School tie
  • Black trousers (should be full length and no jeans or leggings are allowed)
  • Black tailored shorts (not cargo, or PE style)
  • Varndean Jumper (optional) 
  • School skirt of appropriate length. These can be worn with plain black opaque tights
  • School blazer
  • Black footwear
  • Black or white socks (no logo)
  • Dress for religious affiliation: Varndean tunic, Varndean Blazer, black trousers and black or white hijab or headscarf.

PE Uniform:

PE Kit:

  • Blue Varndean PE Polo Shirt – Compulsory

  • Blue Varndean PE Shorts – Compulsory

  • Blue Varndean PE Socks – Compulsory (Sept - May. White socks are permitted May -July)

  • Blue Varndean PE long sleeve jumper/ jacket  – (Ideal for the colder weather conditions. Hooded tops are not permitted)

  • Sports leggings or tracksuit bottoms (black and logo free). Tights are not permitted as they are not designed to be worn for sporting activity). Varndean PE Shorts

  • A long sleeved thermal base layer may be worn underneath the Blue Varndean PE Polo Shirt

  • Trainers / boots to be worn as appropriate. Please contact PE staff if unsure

Also recommended:

  • Football boots – essential for football and rugby
  • Trainers – suitable for all other sports that do not require studded boots
  • Gumshields – recommended for rugby and hockey
  • Water bottle


Scarves, belts and other accessories are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn in school.


Students are permitted to wear a watch and one pair of small stud earrings (gold or silver) or one pair of small hoop earrings (no larger than a 5p piece). Body piercing is not allowed; however one piece of discreet facial jewellery is allowed for religious reasons.


We do not wish to discourage individuality around hairstyles, but extreme styles, bleaches or dyes that are in blatant contrast to natural hair colours are not acceptable or considered part of the school uniform. Likewise, shaved insignia in hairstyles is not allowed at Varndean School.

Make up

If students wish to wear make up to school it must be discreet.

Hooded tops

Hooded tops (or similar) are not allowed in school and are not part of Varndean’s school uniform. If students wear them to school they should be removed before entering the building, otherwise they will be confiscated.

Where to Purchase Uniform

After tendering Varndean’s school uniform service on a best value for money basis, in accordance with EU regulations and in association with Brighton & Hove Council, the school is pleased to announce that the school’s uniform service is managed directly by Khalsa Schoolwear.

Parents are able to order online from the website linked above and the uniform items will be delivered directly to your door.

Alternatively they can be contacted on 020 7729 3286.

Upcoming Uniform Sales

Khalsa will also be selling uniform at school on selected days throughout the year.  The next dates are to be confirmed. 

Nearly New Uniform

If you have unwanted school uniform that you’re not sure what to do with, please donate it to your child’s school base! We are especially looking for Year 11 leavers items and blazers of any size, but all items of uniform will be gratefully received and will benefit other students.