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On your marks, get set, go ! More amazing obstacles more fun and all for a great cause. The countries finest  Charity race of the year returns and everyone, including the goats, can't wait to get stuck in.

The race is taking place on the 23rd March and each of our 7 school pygmy goats, Alan, Ethel, William, Bertie , Angel and Paviilion and Downs (racing together) will be teamed up with 2 student Goatherds and will have to complete an obstacle course against the clock and against each other. The fastest goat wins a trophy and the honour of being crowned SuperGoat. They have all be dreaming of winning the title this year, game on! 

Students have to raise money to transfer into carrots & goat treats, to lure their goat around the course. 

So we're asking if our friends in the wider world might be able to support our Goat Race and Sport Relief by sponsoring the goat of their choice with whatever contribution they are able to make. You can make a donation by cheque, payable to Varndean School, or by our Just Giving Page here:





Please make sure you mention the goat you'd like to sponsor and your name so we can thank you in our social media coverage. The event is already sparking lots of imagination and media interest.

Here's a run down of the goats to help you decide which one to sponsor:

William - William is the Headteacher's goat but he's not known for his compliance. Described by some as Eeyore on a bad day, our William embodies the handsome detachment of the stubborn mountain goat, with all the charm of a rhino with toothache. He may take part, he may not. Only William will decide. Or he may not decide. We love him regardless.



Alan - named after Alan Turing, Alan the goat is charming, nosy, friendly and he loves human company. The winner of last year's Goat Race, Alan has to be one of the favourites again this year. Alan also sidelines as an agony goat at weekends, having his own slot on a radio phone in show earlier this year, so he understands the pressures of high stakes competition. 



Ethel - Glamour Girl Ethel is the sure to be in the spotlight again this year. A bit pushy and a bit brash, Ethel has many hidden talents and has already taken part in an ITV talent show. She's used to the cameras and is a great crowd-pleaser. Hailing from Essex, Ethel will be getting her hair and hooves done especially, but don't underestimate this gorgeous goaty, she likes to win.



Bertie -his namesake, the great Bertrand Russell once said "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.". Bertie the goat has no fear, and very little wisdom, so he is a fast and fearless choice. Bertie uses his head to get ahead, his actual head. He's the scrum half of the goat world and a force to be reckoned with. You wouldn't want to be between Bertie and his lunch.


Angel- little Angel only joined us a few weeks ago and is still settling in so he's something of an unknown quantity in the racing stakes. He's a bit nervous and a bit skittish, but he's super fast around the quad, and he can fly over hurdles. Angel definitely has a weight advantage over 'some' of our other goats, well OK, all of them. The smart money might well be on this flighty outsider, as long as he can stay the course.



 Pavilion & Downs -  Pavilion and Downs are a team of two teeny weeny goats who make up one whole goat between them. These two little twins have been together since birth and have captured the hearts of all our goat clubbers. Downs is so tiny that he will have to have his own special mini jumps in the Goat Race but what these two boys lack in stature, they certainly make up for in spirit. Representing our Teaching School Alliance,could teamwork really make the dream work? We'll see.

We do hope you will be able to make a contribution to our Goat Race. Many thanks for your support.

The Varndean School Goat Leaders