Turing School

Turing badge logo rgbTuring School is named after Alan Turing the English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist who has become increasingly famous due to the highly successful film "The Imitation Game". Alan Turing displayed tremendous courage, resilience and strength of character during his life and was responsible for building the Bombe which helped decipher the German Enigma machine during the Second World War and is thought to have saved thousands of lives and shortened the war by as much as 2 years.

Turing students are extremely proud of the man behind the naming of our school and try each day to display the same courage, resilience and character that Alan Turing displayed during his life.

Head of School - Andy Roberts

Having lived by the coast in various seaside towns throughout my life, it was inevitable that I would end up settling down in Britain’s best! After studying in London at Roehampton University for four years, I graduated as a Primary School Teacher and taught in Croydon for five years before moving to Varndean School in 2007.

Teaching is something I have a real passion for and initially saw myself as a Primary School Teacher, teaching multiple subjects to one class.  After graduating, I spent two years teaching at a large Junior School before deciding to take a year out to travel the world.  Spending some time in various schools in countries such as Cambodia and Laos gave me a real thirst to return and make the most of the opportunities provided in the education system we have here in England. On my return, to the same school in Croydon, I became Head of Year 6 and the Maths Department Coordinator supporting colleagues in school and across the local authority.

Deputy Head of School - Georgina Maltby

I first attended school on the South East Coast of England , I then moved to Somerset for University where I completed my degree in Interior Textiles and Surface Pattern.

I found myself back in Brighton in 2008 and landed myself a job as a technician in Varndean Design Technology Department, this allowed me to continue to be created and follow my passion.

I have continued my professional progression to a training teacher then to Head of Design Technology with the support from Varndean School. My ethos has always been to support and nurture the whole child with their education holding high expectations for all, this led me to joining Turing School 2018 as Deputy Head of School.

School Leader - Natasha Didcott

It is my pleasure to be a School Leader for Turing School, where we work in a close team to provide support for students, parents and teachers.

I'm Brighton born and bred, I love this city!

I have worked in a few local schools, always in a supportive post, looking out for students' wellbeing and academic success. I have a keen interest in counselling which allows me to aid the students.

If you need any support you can contact me by email natashadidcott@varndean.co.uk or by phone on 01273 561281 ext 303. 

School Leader - Beverley Skingle

I began my Varndean journey in September 2007. I have had different roles within the school and now it is my pleasure to be a school leader for Turing School.

I have also been a foster carer for many years which stands me in good stead to be able to provide support for our students and families.